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Events, Date
EVENTIDEvent NameAddressFirst DateFunctionCharacter
100594Hedda GablerRaboisen 67, Hamburg, Germany27th October 2018ActorThea Elvsted
85098Hedda GablerLargo di Torre Argentina, 52, Rome, Italy24th October 2013Actor
84754Hedda Gabler49 Avenue Georges Clemenceau, 92330 Sceaux, Sceaux, France14th November 2012ActorThea Elvsted
90784Hedda GablerKurfürstendamm 153, Berlin, Germany27th September 2012Actor
78896Hedda GablerBoulevard Emile Duchemin, Rouen, France9th November 2011Actor
78895Hedda Gabler60 Rue du Château, Brest, France4th November 2011Actor
78894Hedda Gabler100 St Kilda Rd, Melbourne, Australia19th October 2011Actor
78873Hedda GablerKurfürstendamm 153, Berlin, Germany1st September 2011Actor
78872Hedda GablerKurfürstendamm 153, Berlin, Germany7th November 2010Actor
78893Hedda Gabler53 Elgin St, Ottawa, Canada10th November 2009Actor
78871Hedda GablerKurfürstendamm 153, Berlin, Germany26th October 2009Actor
78892Hedda Gabler2 Place Léon Gontier, Amiens, France10th June 2009Actor
78870Hedda GablerKurfürstendamm 153, Berlin, Germany30th October 2008Actor
85494Nora oder Ein PuppenhausGlacisstraße 28, Dresden, Germany10th October 2008ActorMrs. Kristine Linde
78891Hedda Gabler1 Rue Saint-Hélier, Rennes, France2nd April 2008Actor
78890Hedda Gabler3 Place Pierre Renaudel, Bordeaux, France28th March 2008Actor
78889Hedda GablerSilk Street, City of London, England27th February 2008Actor
78869Hedda GablerKurfürstendamm 153, Berlin, Germany15th December 2007Actor
78888Hedda Gabler30 Quai Rive Neuve, Marseille, France27th September 2007Actor
78887Hedda GablerNeckarstraße 1, Duisburg, Germany27th May 2007Actor
78886Hedda GablerPasseig de Santa Madrona, 3, Barcelona, Spain12th May 2007Actor
78885Hedda Gabler4 Rue Charles Dullin, Lyon, France27th March 2007Actor
78884Hedda GablerVia Sciliar, Bolzano, Italy21st March 2007Actor
78883Hedda Gabler49 Avenue Georges Clemenceau, Sceaux, France31st January 2007Actor
78882Hedda Gabler30 Lafayette Avenue, Brooklyn, United States28th November 2006Actor
78881Hedda GablerAugust Bournonvilles Passage 8, Copenhagen, Denmark14th October 2006Actor
78880Hedda Gabler26 Lower Abbey Street, Dublin, Ireland29th September 2006Actor
78868Hedda GablerKurfürstendamm 153, Berlin, Germany20th September 2006Actor
78878Hedda GablerJohanne Dybwads plass 1, Oslo, Norway5th September 2006ActorThea Elvsted
78877Hedda GablerMaximilianstraße 28, Munich, Germany10th June 2006Actor
91244Hedda GablerGermany6th May 2006ActorThea Elvsted
78876Hedda GablerChristian-Zais-Straße 3, Wiesbaden, Germany5th May 2006Actor
91243Hedda GablerStrasbourg, France26th April 2006ActorThea Elvsted
78897Hedda GablerKurfürstendamm 153, Berlin, Germany26th April 2006Actor
78875Hedda GablerLeuven, Belgium31st March 2006Actor
78874Hedda GablerCaracas, Venezuela2nd February 2006Actor
78867Hedda GablerKurfürstendamm 153, Berlin, Germany22nd October 2005ActorThea Elvsted
96240Die WildenteSedanstraße, Freiburg, Germany19th March 1999ActorHedvig
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