Contributor Carlo Rosaspina
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Events, Date
EVENTIDEvent NameVENUEFirst DateFunctionCharacter
80486RosmersholmKammerspiele Berlin25th January 1909Actor
80343Hedda GablerSt. Petersburg26th January 1908Actor
80342Hedda GablerUrquiza10th October 1907Actor
80341Hedda GablerTeatro Colon19th September 1907Actor
80340Hedda GablerKönigliches Schauspielhaus9th March 1906Actor
80339Hedda GablerNationaltheatret5th February 1906Actor
102157RosmersholmTeatro Carignano22nd December 1905Actor
80338Hedda GablerTeatro della Pergola8th November 1905Actor
80337Hedda GablerWaldorf Theatre7th July 1905Actor
80336Hedda GablerCarl-Theater14th January 1905Actor
80335Hedda GablerMünchner Kammerspiele21st December 1904Actor
80334Hedda GablerNational-Theater Berlin10th December 1904Actor
80333Hedda GablerAdelphi Theatre7th October 1903Actor
101595Hedda GablerTeatre Novetats (Teatro Novedades)5th November 1900Actor
78980Hedda GablerLessingtheater26th September 1900Actor
78979Edda Gkampler (Hedda Gabler / Έντα Γκάμπλερ))Dimotiko Theatro Athinon (Municipal Theater of Athens / Δημοτικού Θεάτρου Αθηνών)23rd January 1899Actor
78978Hedda GablerTeatro Manzoni4th June 1898Actor
78977Hedda GablerTeatro Niccolini21st May 1898Actor
78976Hedda GablerTeatro de D. Amélia22nd April 1898Actor
83410Le colonne della societàTeatro Mariani8th October 1894Actor
83408Le colonne della societàTeatro dei Filodrammatici8th March 1894Actor
83407Le colonne della societàTeatro Paganini6th January 1894Actor
83406Le colonne della societàTeatro Goldoni5th November 1893Actor
83403Le colonne della societàArena Nazionale11th April 1893Actor
78396Hedda GablerTeatro Sannazzaro14th March 1893Actor
83401Le colonne della societàTeatro Sannazzaro28th February 1893Actor
78395Hedda GablerRome1st February 1893Actor
83397Le colonne della societàTeatro Valle3rd January 1893Actor
83396Le colonne della societàTeatro dei Filodrammatici24th November 1892Actor
78394Hedda GablerTeatro dei Filodrammatici18th November 1892Actor
78393Hedda GablerArena Nazionale14th September 1892Actor
78392Hedda GablerTeatro Alfieri15th June 1892Actor
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