Contributor Gunnar Heiberg
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NotesNorwegian journalist, playwright and theatre director. Heiberg met Ibsen during the winter of 1878–79. They were both members of the Scandinavian Club in Rome and Heiberg wrote an account of a meeting at which Ibsen put forward two proposals: that women should have full voting rights within the Club; and that the post of librarian should be open to women. Heiberg published several books that contained reminiscences of Ibsen and critiques of his plays, including Ibsen og Bjørnson paa scenen (1918, Ibsen and Bjørnson on the Stage). From 1884 to 1888, he was the artistic director of the Den Nationale Scene in Bergen; he included nine plays by Ibsen in the company’s repertoire, including premieres of The Wild Duck (9 January 1885) and Rosmersholm (17 January 1887).
Events, Date
EVENTIDEvent NameVENUEFirst DateFunctionCharacter
83095VildandenNationaltheatret10th October 1918Director
78165RosmersholmKomediehuset26th September 1890Director
78130VildandenKomediehuset23rd May 1888Director
78166Samfundets StøtterKomediehuset13th February 1887Director
78164RosmersholmKomediehuset17th January 1887Director
78129VildandenKomediehuset1st January 1886Director
98883Fru Inger til ØstråtKomediehuset16th September 1885Director
781453dje akt av GengangereKomediehuset8th June 1885Director
78128VildandenKomediehuset9th January 1885Director
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