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Events, Date
EVENTIDEvent NameAddressFirst DateFunctionCharacter
83178KongsemnernePrinsens Gate 20, Trondheim, Norway15th September 1921Director
83157Peer GyntPrinsens Gate 20, Trondheim, Norway20th April 1921ActorThe Troll King
83103John Gabriel BorkmanPrinsens Gate 20, Trondheim, Norway13th February 1919ActorJohn Gabriel Borkman
82960Hærmændene paa HelgelandPrinsens Gate 20, Trondheim, Norway2nd October 1915Director
80745Hærmændene paa HelgelandEngen 39, Bergen, Norway13th September 1908ActorÖrnulf of the Fjords
80583KongsemnerneEngen 39, Bergen, Norway3rd March 1907ActorNikolas Arnesson
80488Peer GyntEngen 39, Bergen, Norway20th December 1905ActorThe Troll King
80459VildandenEngen 39, Bergen, Norway15th October 1905ActorMolvik
80431BrandEngen 39, Bergen, Norway19th February 1905ActorThe sexton
80359Peer GyntEngen 39, Bergen, Norway29th November 1903ActorThe Troll King
80209Samfundets StøtterEngen 39, Bergen, Norway25th October 1901ActorVigeland
80187De unges ForbundEngen 39, Bergen, Norway21st April 1901ActorAslaksen
80146VildandenEngen 39, Bergen, Norway4th February 1900ActorRelling
79031Hærmændene paa HelgelandEngen 39, Bergen, Norway8th February 1899ActorÖrnulf of the Fjords
78778De Unges ForbundEngen 39, Bergen, Norway13th January 1897ActorAslaksen
78734Samfundets StøtterEngen 39, Bergen, Norway17th April 1896ActorVigeland
78726De Unges ForbundEngen 39, Bergen, Norway11th March 1896ActorAslaksen
78630Samfundets StøtterEngen 39, Bergen, Norway14th December 1894ActorVigeland
78119Hærmændene paa HelgelandEngen 39, Bergen, Norway28th September 1892ActorÖrnulf of the Fjords
78262Samfundets StøtterEngen 39, Bergen, Norway13th November 1889ActorRummel
78238Bispens Dødsscene af KongsemnerneEngen 39, Bergen, Norway30th May 1889ActorPaul Flida
78237De Unges ForbundEngen 39, Bergen, Norway8th May 1889ActorMons Monsen
78211Gildet paa SolhaugEngen 39, Bergen, Norway28th October 1888ActorAn old man
78130VildandenEngen 39, Bergen, Norway23rd May 1888ActorJensen
78129VildandenEngen 39, Bergen, Norway1st January 1886ActorJensen
78128VildandenEngen 39, Bergen, Norway9th January 1885ActorJensen
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