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Events, Date
EVENTIDEvent NameVENUEFirst DateFunctionCharacter
98146Gildet paa SolhougCasinoteatret23rd April 1871ActorFirst retainer
98145Gildet paa SolhougCasinoteatret25th March 1870ActorFirst retainer
98144Gildet paa SolhougCasinoteatret4th October 1868ActorSecond retainer
77897Gildet paa SolhougThrondhjems Theater18th September 1863ActorThe king’s messenger
77877Gildet paa SolhougKomediehuset2nd January 1862ActorErik of Hægge
77896Gildet paa SolhougCasinoteatret6th December 1861ActorSecond retainer
77874Fru Inger til ØsteraadKomediehuset29th September 1861ActorJens Bjelke
77876Gildet paa SolhougKomediehuset2nd January 1861ActorErik of Hægge
77889Hærmændene paa HelgelandKomediehuset4th March 1859ActorThorolf
77878Gildet paa SolhougTheatret i Trondheim2nd April 1856ActorErik of Hægge
77875Gildet paa SolhougKomediehuset2nd January 1856ActorErik of Hægge
77873Fru Inger til ØsteraadKomediehuset2nd January 1855ActorJens Bjelke
77872KjæmpehøienKomediehuset2nd January 1854ActorHemming
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