Contributor Ben Ormerod
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FunctionsLighting Designer
Events, Date
EVENTIDEvent NameVENUEFirst DateFunctionCharacter
87236GhostsBristol Old Vic26th January 2007Lighting Designer
89785John Gabriel BorkmanRichmond Theatre15th April 2003Lighting Designer
89784John Gabriel BorkmanChurchill Theatre8th April 2003Lighting Designer
89783John Gabriel BorkmanOxford Playhouse1st April 2003Lighting Designer
89782John Gabriel BorkmanLowry Centre25th March 2003Lighting Designer
89781John Gabriel BorkmanGreenwich Theatre4th March 2003Lighting Designer
89780John Gabriel BorkmanYork Theatre Royal25th February 2003Lighting Designer
89778John Gabriel BorkmanMalvern Theatres - Festival Theatre19th February 2003Lighting Designer
89349An Enemy of the PeopleAnthony Hopkins Theatre2nd May 2002Lighting Designer
89217GhostsYvonne Arnaud Theatre16th April 2002Lighting Designer
89216GhostsGreenwich Theatre9th April 2002Lighting Designer
89215GhostsCambridge Arts Theatre2nd April 2002Lighting Designer
89214GhostsYork Theatre Royal19th March 2002Lighting Designer
89213GhostsGrand Theatre12th March 2002Lighting Designer
89212GhostsGateway Theatre5th March 2002Lighting Designer
89211GhostsLowry Centre26th February 2002Lighting Designer
89210GhostsWarwick Arts Centre19th February 2002Lighting Designer
89208GhostsNew Wolsey Theatre12th February 2002Lighting Designer
89204GhostsMalvern Theatres - Festival Theatre6th February 2002Lighting Designer
96406The Master BuilderYvonne Arnaud Theatre23rd November 1999Lighting Designer
96405The Master BuilderMalvern Theatres - Festival Theatre16th November 1999Lighting Designer
96404The Master BuilderPoole Arts Centre9th November 1999Lighting Designer
96403The Master BuilderBuxton Opera House2nd November 1999Lighting Designer
96402The Master BuilderOxford Playhouse19th October 1999Lighting Designer
96401The Master BuilderCambridge Arts Theatre12th October 1999Lighting Designer
96400The Master BuilderLyceum Theatre4th October 1999Lighting Designer
87433Hedda GablerDonmar Warehouse30th July 1996Lighting Designer
87434Hedda GablerEastbourne Theatre (Eastbourne)1st April 1996Lighting Designer
87432Hedda GablerGrand Theatre27th March 1996Lighting Designer
87430Hedda GablerLibrary Theatre19th March 1996Lighting Designer
87429Hedda GablerThe Orchard Theatre12th March 1996Lighting Designer
87428Hedda GablerConnaught Theatre5th March 1996Lighting Designer
87426Hedda GablerWarwick Arts Centre26th February 1996Lighting Designer
87425Hedda GablerBuxton Opera House20th February 1996Lighting Designer
87422Hedda GablerLyceum Theatre14th February 1996Lighting Designer
75981A Doll's HousePoole Arts Centre14th March 1994Lighting Designer
75980A Doll's HouseConnaught Theatre8th March 1994Lighting Designer
75979A Doll's HouseTheatre Royal1st March 1994Lighting Designer
75978A Doll's HouseBuxton Opera House22nd February 1994Lighting Designer
75977A Doll's HouseGrand Theatre16th February 1994Lighting Designer
75976A Doll's HouseWarwick Arts Centre9th February 1994Lighting Designer
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