Contributor Peter Watts
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Events, Date
EVENTIDEvent NameVENUEFirst DateFunctionCharacter
92092GhostsThe Pearl Theatre Company26th February 2008Translator
89629The Lady from the SeaSt James Cavalier10th January 2003Translator
87351Peer GyntRoy Thomson Hall22nd February 1995Translator
86582GhostsPeople's Theatre2nd June 1992Translator
77767A Doll's HouseKrannert Center for the Performing Arts8th October 1988Translator
86206A Journey Through Peer GyntCanberra Theatre Centre20th August 1987Translator
86205A Journey Through Peer GyntParade Theatre29th July 1987Translator
86033GhostsWyndham's Theatre19th November 1986Translator
86031GhostsYoung Vic Main Stage2nd October 1986Translator
86093GhostsLondon8th December 1985Translator
87213The lady from the seaFocus Theatre6th July 1980Translator
98291An Enemy of the PeopleOscar Theatre7th April 1980Translator
98290An Enemy of the PeopleArts Theatre31st March 1980Translator
98289An Enemy of the PeopleSt. Columb's College28th March 1980Translator
98288An Enemy of the PeopleGolden Grill24th March 1980Translator
98287An Enemy of the PeopleComprehensive School21st March 1980Translator
98286An Enemy of the PeopleSummerhill College17th March 1980Translator
98285An Enemy of the PeopleJesuit Hall11th March 1980Translator
98284An Enemy of the PeopleTown Hall8th March 1980Translator
98283An Enemy of the PeopleTown Hall5th March 1980Translator
98282An Enemy of the PeopleTown Hall1st March 1980Translator
98280An Enemy of the PeopleRegal Theatre25th February 1980Translator
98279An Enemy of the PeopleFriary Hall Theatre21st February 1980Translator
98278An Enemy of the PeopleTown Hall18th February 1980Translator
98277An Enemy of the PeopleCrescent Theatre11th February 1980Translator
98276An Enemy of the PeopleSiamsa Tire Theatre6th February 1980Translator
98271An Enemy of the PeopleEveryman Palace Theatre29th January 1980Translator
88737Peer GyntMaddermarket Theatre24th November 1967Translator
88882GhostsTower Theatre21st January 1966Translator
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