Contributor Nora Amin
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FunctionsActor, Adaptation, Choreographer, Director
Events, Date
EVENTIDEvent NameVENUEFirst DateFunctionCharacter
94655Aadow el shaabThe American University, AUC11th October 2013Director
94654Aadow el shaabTeaterøen25th September 2013Director
94653Aadow el shaabCantabile 223rd September 2013Director
94652Aadow el shaabTeatret Om21st September 2013Director
94651Aadow el shaabTeater Ibsen18th September 2013Director
94650Aadow el shaabTripoli4th September 2013Director
94648Aadow el shaabGoethe-Institut8th May 2013Director
94647Aadow el shaabSayed Darwish Theatre7th April 2013Director
94646Aadow el shaabGoethe-Institut9th March 2013Director
94643Aadow el shaabEl Moqattam Culture House1st March 2013Director
94639Aadow el shaabAl Hossapeer5th January 2013Director
77751Nora's DoorsIbsenhuset8th September 2010Actor
77750Nora's DoorsLTG Auditorium8th December 2009Actor
77749Nora's DoorsTheatre of the Jesuit and Brother's Cultural Association26th November 2009Actor
77748Nora's DoorsNational Theatre Auditorium Shilpakala Academy21st November 2009Actor
77747Nora's DoorsSayyed Darwish Theatre Opera House16th November 2009Actor
77746Nora's DoorsEl Gomhouria Theatre9th November 2009Actor
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