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Events, Date
EVENTIDEvent NameAddressFirst DateFunctionCharacter
96395GhostsPrincess Street, Manchester, England16th November 1907ActorOsvald Alving
80151The League of YouthThe Strand, London, England25th February 1900ActorDaniel Hejre
95950A Doll's HouseBiggin Street, Dover, England6th September 1897ActorTorvald Helmer
95988A Doll's HouseAlbert Road, Bournemouth, England30th August 1897ActorTorvald Helmer
95949A Doll's HouseSeagate, Dundee, Scotland2nd August 1897ActorTorvald Helmer
78843GhostsLondon, England24th June 1897ActorOsvald Alving
78829The Wild DuckLondon, England17th May 1897ActorGregers Werle
85365A Doll's HouseLondon, England10th May 1897ActorTorvald Helmer
78768Little Eyolf268 Northfield Avenue, Ealing, London, England23rd November 1896ActorAlfred Allmers
78605Ghosts88 Tremont Street, Boston, United States18th April 1894ActorOsvald Alving
76446A Doll's House1430 Broadway (40th & 41st), New York, United States15th February 1894ActorTorvald Helmer
78525GhostsMadison Avenue and 27th Street, New York, United States25th January 1894ActorOsvald Alving
78524Ghosts19 W.44th Street, New York, United States5th January 1894ActorOsvald Alving
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