Contributor Minnie Maddern Fiske
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FunctionsActor, Adaptation, Producer
Events, Date
EVENTIDEvent NameVENUEFirst DateFunctionCharacter
83420GhostsShubert Theatre18th April 1927ActorMrs. Helene Alving
83419GhostsParson's Theatre11th April 1927ActorMrs. Helene Alving
83418GhostsNew Park Theatre28th March 1927ActorMrs. Helene Alving
83417GhostsIllinois Theatre31st January 1927ActorMrs. Helene Alving
83415GhostsMansfield Theatre10th January 1927ActorMrs. Helene Alving
83414GhostsBelasco Theatre27th December 1926ActorMrs. Helene Alving
83413GhostsThe Auditorium13th November 1926ActorMrs. Helene Alving
99295Pillars of SocietyGrand Opera House10th October 1910ActorMiss Lona Hessel
99296Pillars of SocietyOpera House26th September 1910ActorMiss Lona Hessel
80878Pillars of SocietyEuclid Avenue Opera House14th September 1910ActorMiss Lona Hessel
99294Pillars of SocietyEnglish Theatre8th September 1910ActorMiss Lona Hessel
99293Pillars of SocietyMetropolitan10th August 1910ActorMiss Lona Hessel
99291Pillars of SocietyAuditorium7th August 1910ActorMiss Lona Hessel
99292Pillars of SocietyVancouver Opera House2nd August 1910ActorMiss Lona Hessel
99290Pillars of SocietyMoore Theatre27th July 1910ActorMiss Lona Hessel
99289Pillars of SocietyBungalow21st July 1910ActorMiss Lona Hessel
99284Pillars of SocietyColumbia Theater6th July 1910ActorMiss Lona Hessel
99283RosmersholmMason Opera House29th June 1910ActorMiss Lona Hessel
99282Pillars of SocietySalt Lake Theatre25th June 1910ActorMiss Lona Hessel
99281Pillars of SocietyThe Brandels11th June 1910ActorMiss Lona Hessel
99280Pillars of SocietyWillis Wood1st June 1910ActorMiss Lona Hessel
99279Pillars of SocietyOlympic Theatre23rd May 1910ActorMiss Lona Hessel
99278Pillars of SocietyNixon Theater9th May 1910ActorMiss Lona Hessel
80877Pillars of SocietyHollis Street Theatre25th April 1910ActorMiss Lona Hessel
80876Pillars of SocietyLyceum Theatre28th March 1910Director
99277RosmersholmImperial Theatre9th July 1908ActorRebecca West
99276RosmersholmLyric Theatre7th July 1908ActorRebecca West
99274RosmersholmAlcazar29th June 1908ActorRebecca West
99275RosmersholmUnion Theatre27th June 1908ActorRebecca West
99272RosmersholmBelasco Theatre22nd June 1908ActorRebecca West
99273RosmersholmThe Olympic20th June 1908ActorRebecca West
99271RosmersholmOrpheum18th June 1908ActorRebecca West
99269RosmersholmElks' Theatre16th June 1908ActorRebecca West
99268RosmersholmLloyd's Opera House11th June 1908ActorRebecca West
99267RosmersholmBurwood Theatre4th June 1908ActorRebecca West
99266RosmersholmNew Theatre1st June 1908ActorRebecca West
99265RosmersholmAuditorium30th May 1908ActorRebecca West
99236RosmersholmGreen Bay Theatre28th May 1908ActorRebecca West
99264RosmersholmRacine Theatre27th May 1908ActorRebecca West
99234RosmersholmHuntington Theatre26th May 1908ActorRebecca West
99235RosmersholmFairview Park Theatre21st May 1908ActorRebecca West
99230RosmersholmThe Grand18th May 1908ActorRebecca West
99229RosmersholmLyric Theatre11th May 1908ActorRebecca West
80705RosmersholmColonial Theatre4th May 1908ActorRebecca West
80704RosmersholmThe Royal Alexandra Theatre27th April 1908ActorRebecca West
80703RosmersholmCutler Majestic Theatre13th April 1908ActorRebecca West
99228RosmersholmOpera House11th April 1908ActorRebecca West
99227RosmersholmMusic Hall10th April 1908ActorRebecca West
99226RosmersholmThe Grand8th April 1908ActorRebecca West
99225RosmersholmMasonic Opera House6th April 1908ActorRebecca West
99224RosmersholmMary Anderson Theatre26th March 1908ActorRebecca West
99209RosmersholmThe Grand25th March 1908ActorRebecca West
99206RosmersholmGarrick16th March 1908ActorRebecca West
99205RosmersholmShuberts10th March 1908ActorRebecca West
99204RosmersholmGrand Opera House2nd March 1908ActorRebecca West
80702RosmersholmChicago24th February 1908ActorRebecca West
99203RosmersholmThe Duquesne10th February 1908ActorRebecca West
99202RosmersholmBelasco Theatre3rd February 1908ActorRebecca West
99201RosmersholmAdelphi Theatre27th January 1908ActorRebecca West
80701RosmersholmLyric Theatre30th December 1907Director
80406Hedda GablerManhattan Theatre17th November 1904ActorMrs. Hedda Tesman
97603Hedda GablerStone Opera House4th June 1904ActorMrs. Hedda Tesman
77611A Doll's HouseGarrick Theatre23rd May 1904ActorNora
80332Hedda GablerGarrick Theatre16th May 1904ActorMrs. Hedda Tesman
97602Hedda GablerMacdonough Theatre22nd April 1904ActorMrs. Hedda Tesman
97455Hedda GablerGrand Opera House20th April 1904ActorMrs. Hedda Tesman
97454A Doll's HouseGrand Opera House11th April 1904ActorNora
97601Hedda GablerGrand Opera House1st April 1904ActorMrs. Hedda Tesman
97597Hedda GablerThe Grand3rd March 1904ActorMrs. Hedda Tesman
97596Hedda GablerThe Grand27th January 1904ActorMrs. Hedda Tesman
80366Hedda GablerColonial Theatre20th January 1904ActorMrs. Hedda Tesman
97595Hedda GablerAvenue Theatre30th December 1903ActorMrs. Hedda Tesman
97592Hedda GablerChestnut Street Opera House28th November 1903ActorMrs. Hedda Tesman
97593Hedda GablerAcademy of Music25th November 1903ActorMrs. Hedda Tesman
97591Hedda GablerMaryland Theatre21st October 1903ActorMrs. Hedda Tesman
80330Hedda GablerWest End Theatre15th October 1903ActorMrs. Hedda Tesman
80329Hedda GablerManhattan Theatre5th October 1903ActorMrs. Hedda Tesman
76944A Doll's HouseManhattan Theatre21st May 1902ActorNora
97453A Doll's HouseGilmore's Auditorium30th April 1902ActorNora
97452A Doll's HouseTremont Theatre7th April 1902ActorNora
78733A Doll’s HouseMcVicker’s Theater30th March 1896Adaptation
97448A Doll's HouseThe Duquesne9th March 1896ActorNora
97451A Doll's HouseWalnut Theatre4th March 1896ActorNora
97447A Doll's HouseLyceum Theatre28th February 1896ActorNora
97445A Doll's HouseOpera House18th February 1896ActorNora
97444A Doll's HouseCapital Theater29th January 1896ActorNora
97442A Doll's HouseGreenwalls22nd January 1896ActorNora
97441A Doll's HouseGrand Opera House16th January 1896ActorNora
97440A Doll's HouseThe Grand Opera House9th January 1896ActorNora
97439A Doll's HouseMcDonald's1st January 1896ActorNora
97438A Doll's HouseLyceum Theatre28th December 1895ActorNora
97437A Doll's HouseGrand Opera House14th December 1895ActorNora
97436A Doll's HouseWalnut Theatre4th December 1895ActorNora
97434A Doll's HouseAmphion Theatre18th November 1895ActorNora
97432A Doll's HouseNew Park Theatre14th November 1895ActorNora
97431A Doll's HouseLyceum Theatre7th November 1895ActorNora
97410A Doll's HouseSchiller Theater31st October 1895ActorNora
76446A Doll's HouseEmpire Theatre15th February 1894ActorNora
95615A Doll's HouseThe DuquesneOctober 1895ActorNora
80331Hedda GablerWashington D.C.November 1903ActorMrs. Hedda Tesman
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