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Events, Date
EVENTIDEvent NameVENUEFirst DateFunctionCharacter
101299Peer Gynt på GålåFriluftsscenen ved Gålåvatnet4th August 2022Actor
101296When We Dead AwakenIBSEN Museum & Teater27th May 2022Actor
101295When We Dead AwakenKilden Teater- og Konserthus27th April 2022Actor
101294When We Dead AwakenGrieghallen (Klokkeklang)23rd April 2022Actor
101293When We Dead AwakenSandnes Kulturhus21st April 2022Actor
101153When We Dead AwakenThe Coronet Theatre24th February 2022Actor
100438Terje Vigen. Alene, men sammen for oss alleNationaltheatret8th April 2020Actor
99798The Lady from the SeaThe Print Room13th February 2019Actor
82574Peer GyntNationaltheatret Torshovteatret25th August 2012Actor
77716Et dukkehjemNationaltheatret Amfiscenen27th August 2010Actor
77540Kaldt Produkt - (Cold Product)Hessisches Staatstheater15th June 2008Actor
76339Kaldt Produkt - (Cold Product)Nationaltheatret Torshovteatret16th November 2007Actor
82144TanGhost - based on Henrik Ibsen´s GhostsNaroden teatar 20th October 2006Actor
82143TanGhost - based on Henrik Ibsen´s GhostsDrammens Teater14th October 2006Actor
82142TanGhost - based on Henrik Ibsen´s GhostsIbsenhuset12th October 2006Actor
82141TanGhost - based on Henrik Ibsen´s GhostsDivadlo v Dlouhé8th October 2006Actor
82140TanGhost - based on Henrik Ibsen´s GhostsChristiania Teater2nd October 2006Actor
82139TanGhost - based on Henrik Ibsen´s GhostsDen Nationale Scene27th September 2006Actor
82138TanGhost - based on Henrik Ibsen´s GhostsEspoon Kaupunginteatteri19th September 2006Actor
82246Kjærlighetens komedieNRK P2 (Norge)17th September 2006Actor
82137TanGhost - based on Henrik Ibsen´s GhostsShànghǎi Huàjù Yìshù Zhōngxīn (Shanghai Dramatic Arts Center / 上海话剧艺术中心)12th September 2006Actor
82136TanGhost - based on Henrik Ibsen´s GhostsHǎidiàn Jùyuàn (The Haidian Theatre / 海淀剧院)8th September 2006Actor
82135TanGhost - based on Henrik Ibsen´s GhostsChristiania Teater25th August 2006Actor
82134TanGhost - based on Henrik Ibsen´s GhostsNordens Hus22nd August 2006Actor
82133TanGhost - based on Henrik Ibsen´s GhostsDramaten17th August 2006Actor
82132TanGhost - based on Henrik Ibsen´s GhostsNøtterøy Kulturhus12th August 2006Actor
82131TanGhost - based on Henrik Ibsen´s GhostsGrimstad Kulturhus10th August 2006Actor
90199TanGhost - based on Henrik Ibsen's GhostsNationaltheatret13th September 2004Actor
90198TanGhost - based on Henrik Ibsen's GhostsNationaltheatret6th September 2004Actor
90197TanGhost - based on Henrik Ibsen's GhostsBærum Kulturhus (Store sal)31st August 2004Actor
90196TanGhost - based on Henrik Ibsen's GhostsTrøndelag Teater19th August 2004Actor
90195TanGhost - based on Henrik Ibsen's GhostsHjertnes Kulturhus2nd July 2004Actor
90194TanGhost - based on Henrik Ibsen's GhostsParkteatret19th June 2004Actor
90193TanGhost - based on Henrik Ibsen's GhostsPorsgrunn International Theatre Festival15th June 2004Actor
90192TanGhost - based on Henrik Ibsen's GhostsMaihaugsalen12th June 2004Actor
81680Når Vi Døde VåknerNationaltheatret Torshovteatret4th September 2002Actor
81561De unges forbundNationaltheatret31st August 2000Actor
81499Den episke BrandNationaltheatret Malersalen3rd September 1998Actor
81471BrandNationaltheatret27th August 1998Actor
81055GjengangereDen Nationale Scene15th January 1993Actor
81056GjengangereStord2nd November 1992Actor
81054GjengangereDen Nationale Scene20th March 1992Actor
80972RosmersholmDen Nationale Scene12th January 1991Actor
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