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Events, Date
Event NameAddressFirst DateFunctionCharacter
The Wild DuckLittle Queen Street, London, England13th April 1928ActorOld Ekdal
The Wild DuckCharing Cross Rd, London, England30th March 1928ActorOld Ekdal
Pillars of Society73 Dean Street, London, England5th August 1926ActorHilmar Tönnesen
Pillars of Society5 Holly Bush Vale, London, England13th July 1926ActorHilmar Tönnesen
The Wild DuckKing Street, London, England28th July 1925ActorOld Ekdal
The Wild Duck5 Holly Bush Vale, London, England30th June 1925ActorOld Ekdal
A Doll's House7-10 Regent Street, Cheltenham, England11th July 1921ActorNils Krogstad
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