Contributor E. Harcourt Williams (Harcourt Williams)
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Events, Date
Event NameAddressFirst DateFunctionCharacter
Peer GyntLondon, England31st August 1944ActorBegriffenfeldt
A Doll's HouseLondon, England20th March 1930ActorDr. Rank
A Doll's HouseLittle Queen Street, London, England20th March 1928Actor
The Master BuilderEngland, England19th March 1928ActorHalvard Solness
A Doll's HouseNorthumberland Avenue, London, England20th November 1925Actor
The Wild DuckKing Street, London, England1st December 1913ActorGregers Werle
The Master BuilderLondon, England28th March 1911Actor
Lady Inger of ÖstråtCharlotte Street, London, England28th January 1906Actor
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