Contributor Liv Ullmann
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Events, Date
EVENTIDEvent NameVENUEFirst DateFunctionCharacter
76809Nora - The Moving Picture ShowNationaltheatret Foyer26th August 2006Actor
76808Nora - The Moving Picture ShowÅlesund10th March 2006Actor
76807Nora - The Moving Picture ShowSophus Bugges Hus3rd January 2006Actor
76806Nora - The Moving Picture ShowKristiansund11th October 2005Actor
76805Nora - The Moving Picture ShowOslo15th September 2001Actor
76804Nora - The Moving Picture ShowKristiansand15th June 2001Actor
83694Et DukkehjemNRK Radio (Norge)26th November 2000Actor
76803Nora - The Moving Picture ShowStorsjöyran-festivalen i Östersund25th July 2000Actor
76802Nora - The Moving Picture ShowKristiansand14th October 1999Actor
76313Nora - The Moving Picture ShowLänsmuseet Murberget8th October 1999Actor
76801Nora - The Moving Picture ShowGrenland Friteater11th June 1999Actor
76312Nora - The Moving Picture ShowTromsø11th June 1999Actor
76309Nora - The Moving Picture ShowTeater Fusentast3rd November 1997Actor
98183Fruen fra havetNRK TV (Norge)30th October 1984Actor
100687The Wild DuckAustralia3rd May 1984Actor
87023GhostsBrooks Atkinson Theatre23rd August 1982Actor
87021GhostsEisenhower Theater2nd August 1982Actor
98182Fruen fra havetChannel 2 (Italy)25th January 1982Actor
98181Fruen fra havetARD (Germany)2nd November 1980Actor
84930Fruen fra havetNRK TV (Norge)6th November 1979Actor
84031RosmersholmTrøndelag Teater3rd February 1978Actor
76055A Doll's HouseVivian Beaumont Theater21st February 1975Actor
76056A Doll's HouseZellerbach Theatre31st January 1975Actor
75904Et DukkehjemDen Nationale Scene6th May 1974Actor
75903Et DukkehjemSamfunnshuset Alvdal3rd April 1974Actor
76891Et DukkehjemSamfunnshuset Folldal2nd April 1974Actor
75901Et DukkehjemGymnastikkbygget1st April 1974Actor
75900Et DukkehjemKinoen Kongsberg26th March 1974Actor
75899Et DukkehjemRådhusteatret25th March 1974Actor
75898Et DukkehjemHolmestrand Samfunnshus21st March 1974Actor
75897Et DukkehjemGranvin Kulturhus20th March 1974Actor
75896Et DukkehjemMunken kino19th March 1974Actor
75905Et DukkehjemDet Norske Teatret (i Stortingsgata)24th January 1974Actor
83616BrandDet Norske Teatret (i Stortingsgata)16th February 1973Actor
83695Et DukkehjemSveriges Radio P17th November 1971Actor
76140Et DukkehjemNRK Radio (Norge)3rd June 1971Actor
94160Peer GyntDeutsches Schauspielhaus23rd October 1965Actor
93846Fruen fra havetNRK Radio (Norge)18th August 1964Actor
94159Peer GyntDet Ny Teater6th June 1963Actor
94156Peer GyntDet Norske Teatret (i Stortingsgata)3rd September 1962Actor
94366KongsemneneRogaland Teater21st February 1960Actor
97235Peer GyntSuomen Kansallisteatteri1963Actor
76310Nora - The Moving Picture ShowNationaltheatret FoyerAugust 1998Actor
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