Contributor John Price
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FunctionsActor, Designer, Director, Dramaturg, Translator
Events, Date
EVENTIDEvent NameVENUEFirst DateFunctionCharacter
95310Peer GyntDR P215th October 2003Actor
83967GengangereDet Danske Teater7th January 1978Director
84418The Lady from the SeaBirmingham Repertory Theatre2nd November 1977Actor
83573Fruen fra havetDet Kongelige Teater8th January 1977Director
95847VildandenDR (Danmarks Radio)2nd February 1970Actor
95846VildandenDR (Danmarks Radio)10th January 1961Actor
95309Peer GyntDR (Danmarks Radio)25th December 1960Actor
84979De unges forbundDet Kongelige Teater2nd September 1957Director
95308Peer GyntDR (Danmarks Radio)22nd May 1956Actor
76407Et DukkehjemDet Kongelige Teater19th November 1955Actor
95845VildandenDR (Danmarks Radio)1st February 1955Actor
95844VildandenDR (Danmarks Radio)16th October 1951Actor
95843VildandenDR (Danmarks Radio)3rd November 1950Actor
97007VildandenDet Kongelige Teater19th October 1948Director
96788Peer GyntDet Kongelige Teater14th September 1944Actor
96044Peer GyntDet Kongelige Teater26th September 1933Actor
Contributor Identifier432430
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