Contributor Bobbie Peacock
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Events, Date
Event NameAddressFirst DateFunctionCharacter
A Doll's HouseBride Lane, London, England25th October 1968ActorAnne Marie
GhostsBride Lane, London, England21st January 1966ActorMrs. Helene Alving
An Enemy of the PeopleBride Lane, London, England28th June 1963ActorMrs. Katherine Stockmann
Peer GyntBride Lane, London, England17th April 1959ActorMother Aase
Pillars of SocietyBride Lane, London, England7th November 1958ActorMrs. Betty Bernick
Hedda GablerTavistock Square, Bloomsbury, London, England5th February 1937ActorMrs. Hedda Tesman
The Wild DuckTavistock Square, Bloomsbury, London, England15th May 1936ActorHedvig
A Doll's HouseTavistock Square, Bloomsbury, London, England21st February 1936ActorNora
The Master BuilderTavistock Square, Bloomsbury, London, England9th March 1934ActorHilde Wangel
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