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Events, Date
EVENTIDEvent NameVENUEFirst DateFunctionCharacter
91236Breaking The PotMulanje View Motell23rd July 2006Actor
75860Breaking The PotThyolo Secondary School22nd July 2006Actor
75859Breaking The PotSt. Andrew's College Hall5th July 2006Actor
75858Breaking The PotMaghemo Secondary School13th June 2006Actor
75857Breaking The PotChakana Entertainment Centre11th June 2006Actor
75856Breaking The PotTown Assembly10th June 2006Actor
79950Breaking The PotSalima9th June 2006Actor
75854Breaking The PotKatoto Secondary School4th June 2006Actor
75853Breaking The PotMzuzu University3rd June 2006Actor
75852Breaking The PotJoe's Hotel28th May 2006Actor
75851Breaking The PotCommunity Hall27th May 2006Actor
75850Breaking The PotKamuzu College of Nursing26th May 2006Actor
75849Breaking The PotPhalombe Secondary School21st May 2006Actor
76929Breaking The PotChikwawa20th May 2006Actor
75848Breaking The PotSun Village Hotell7th May 2006Actor
75847Breaking The PotMangochi Secondary School6th May 2006Actor
75846Breaking The PotBalaka Secondary School5th May 2006Actor
75845Breaking The PotChando Hostel4th May 2006Actor
75844Breaking The PotBembeke Teachers Training College3rd May 2006Actor
75843Breaking The PotChipasula Secondary School30th April 2006Actor
75842Breaking The PotBunda College of Agriculture29th April 2006Actor
75841Breaking The PotChancellors College22nd April 2006Actor
75839Breaking The PotFrench Cultural Centre17th April 2006Actor
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