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FunctionsActor, Designer, Director
Events, Date
EVENTIDEvent NameAddressFirst DateFunctionCharacter
83251Hedda GablerCleveland, United States7th May 1923Director
83245GhostsCleveland, United States2nd April 1923Director
83081The Master Builder50-51 Sloane Square, London, England13th May 1918Director
98026GhostsKennington Park Road, London, England12th June 1917ActorJacob Engstrand
98027Ghosts125 High Street, Croydon, Greater London, England31st May 1917ActorJacob Engstrand
82937The Master BuilderBroad Street, West Midlands, Birmingham , England10th April 1915ActorHalvard Solness
77318A Doll's House125 High Street, Croydon, Greater London, England5th March 1915ActorTorvald Helmer
82936The Master Builder125 High Street, Croydon, Greater London, England4th March 1915Director
82929The Wild DuckBroad Street, West Midlands, Birmingham , England21st November 1914Director
77369A Doll's HouseBroad Street, West Midlands, Birmingham , England7th April 1914ActorTorvald Helmer
82908Hedda GablerBroad Street, West Midlands, Birmingham , England6th April 1914ActorEjlert Lövborg
98024The Master Builder125 High Street, Croydon, Greater London, England4th December 1913ActorHalvard Solness
98025The Wild Duck125 High Street, Croydon, Greater London, England1st December 1913ActorHjalmar Ekdal
98023A Doll's HouseSt Leonards-on-Sea, England21st July 1913ActorTorvald Helmer
98022The Wild DuckGeorge Street, Hull, England12th June 1913ActorHjalmar Ekdal
98021The Master BuilderGeorge Street, Hull, England10th June 1913ActorHalvard Solness
98020The Wild Duck55 Norfolk Street, Sheffield, England30th May 1913ActorHjalmar Ekdal
98019The Wild DuckOxford Street, Manchester, England23rd May 1913ActorHjalmar Ekdal
98006The Master Builder282 Hope St, Glasgow, Scotland18th April 1912ActorHalvard Solness
98004A Doll's House282 Hope St, Glasgow, Scotland17th April 1912ActorTorvald Helmer
98003Hedda Gabler282 Hope St, Glasgow, Scotland16th April 1912ActorEjlert Lövborg
98002John Gabriel Borkman282 Hope St, Glasgow, Scotland15th April 1912ActorJohn Gabriel Borkman
98001Hedda GablerEdinburgh, Scotland12th April 1912ActorEjlert Lövborg
98000A Doll's HouseEdinburgh, Scotland10th April 1912ActorTorvald Helmer
97999RosmersholmEdinburgh, Scotland9th April 1912ActorJohannes Rosmer
97998The Master BuilderEdinburgh, Scotland8th April 1912ActorHalvard Solness
97502A Doll's House50-51 Sloane Square, London, England28th March 1912ActorTorvald Helmer
97501Rosmersholm50-51 Sloane Square, London, England26th March 1912ActorJohannes Rosmer
97986The Master BuilderVicar Street, Falkirk, Scotland15th November 1911ActorHalvard Solness
97979A Doll's HouseVicar Street, Falkirk, Scotland14th November 1911ActorTorvald Helmer
97973Hedda GablerVicar Street, Falkirk, Scotland13th November 1911ActorEjlert Lövborg
97959A Doll's House4 Hales Street, Coventry, England11th September 1911ActorTorvald Helmer
97971RosmersholmOxford Street, Manchester, England21st August 1911ActorJohannes Rosmer
97970The Master BuilderManningham Lane, Bradford, West Yorkshire, England16th June 1911ActorHalvard Solness
97969Hedda GablerManningham Lane, Bradford, West Yorkshire, England13th June 1911ActorEjlert Lövborg
97968A Doll's HouseManningham Lane, Bradford, West Yorkshire, England12th June 1911ActorTorvald Helmer
97964RosmersholmPortsmouth, England24th February 1911ActorJohannes Rosmer
97963John Gabriel BorkmanPortsmouth, England22nd February 1911ActorJohn Gabriel Borkman
97962Hedda GablerPortsmouth, England8th February 1911ActorEjlert Lövborg
97961The Master BuilderPortsmouth, England7th February 1911ActorHalvard Solness
97960A Doll's HousePortsmouth, England6th February 1911ActorTorvald Helmer
97958Little EyolfHastings, England4th February 1911Actor
97957RosmersholmHastings, England3rd February 1911ActorJohannes Rosmer
97956The fourth act of BrandHastings, England2nd February 1911ActorBrand
97955When We Dead AwakenHastings, England2nd February 1911ActorProfessor Arnold Rubek
97954A Doll's HouseHastings, England1st February 1911ActorTorvald Helmer
97953Hedda GablerHastings, England1st February 1911ActorEjlert Lövborg
97952John Gabriel BorkmanHastings, England31st January 1911ActorJohn Gabriel Borkman
97951The Master BuilderHastings, England30th January 1911ActorHalvard Solness
97950RosmersholmSt. Andrew's Street, Cambridge, England18th January 1911ActorJohannes Rosmer
97949A Doll's HouseSt. Andrew's Street, Cambridge, England18th January 1911ActorTorvald Helmer
97948Hedda GablerSt. Andrew's Street, Cambridge, England17th January 1911ActorEjlert Lövborg
97947The Master BuilderSt. Andrew's Street, Cambridge, England16th January 1911ActorHalvard Solness
97946John Gabriel Borkman46 New Briggate, Leeds, England16th December 1910ActorJohn Gabriel Borkman
97945Hedda Gabler46 New Briggate, Leeds, England14th December 1910ActorEjlert Lövborg
97944Rosmersholm55 Norfolk Street, Sheffield, England9th December 1910ActorJohannes Rosmer
97943Hedda Gabler55 Norfolk Street, Sheffield, England8th December 1910ActorEjlert Lövborg
97942The Master Builder55 Norfolk Street, Sheffield, England5th December 1910ActorHalvard Solness
97941Hedda GablerExeter, England3rd December 1910ActorEjlert Lövborg
97940John Gabriel BorkmanExeter, England2nd December 1910ActorJohn Gabriel Borkman
97939The Master BuilderExeter, England29th November 1910ActorHalvard Solness
97938A Doll's HouseExeter, England28th November 1910ActorTorvald Helmer
97930A Doll's HouseParadise Street, Liverpool, England27th September 1910ActorTorvald Helmer
97929The Master BuilderParadise Street, Liverpool, England26th September 1910ActorHalvard Solness
97928The fourth act of Brand55 Norfolk Street, Sheffield, England3rd June 1910ActorBrand
97927When We Dead Awaken55 Norfolk Street, Sheffield, England3rd June 1910ActorProfessor Arnold Rubek
97926Hedda Gabler55 Norfolk Street, Sheffield, England31st May 1910ActorEjlert Lövborg
97925A Doll's House55 Norfolk Street, Sheffield, England30th May 1910ActorTorvald Helmer
97924A Doll's HouseSmithy Street, Manchester, England9th May 1910ActorTorvald Helmer
97922A Doll's HouseSouthgate, Halifax, England2nd May 1910ActorTorvald Helmer
97921A Doll's HouseLeamington, England28th April 1910ActorTorvald Helmer
97920Hedda GablerLeamington, England25th April 1910ActorEjlert Lövborg
97919A Doll's HouseEnglish Street, Carlisle, England4th April 1910ActorTorvald Helmer
97918Hedda Gabler117 Westgate Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, England22nd March 1910ActorEjlert Lövborg
97917A Doll's House117 Westgate Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, England21st March 1910ActorTorvald Helmer
97914When We Dead Awaken125 High Street, Croydon, Greater London, England18th March 1910ActorProfessor Arnold Rubek
97913Hedda Gabler125 High Street, Croydon, Greater London, England16th March 1910ActorEjlert Lövborg
97912Rosmersholm125 High Street, Croydon, Greater London, England15th March 1910ActorJohannes Rosmer
97910A Doll's House125 High Street, Croydon, Greater London, England14th March 1910ActorTorvald Helmer
97916RosmersholmGeorge St, City Centre, Oxford, England8th March 1910ActorJohannes Rosmer
97915Hedda GablerGeorge St, City Centre, Oxford, England7th March 1910ActorEjlert Lövborg
97909Hedda GablerChurch Street, Eccles, England11th February 1910ActorEjlert Lövborg
97908A Doll's HouseChurch Street, Eccles, England7th February 1910ActorTorvald Helmer
97499A Doll's HouseSawclose, Bath, England3rd May 1909ActorTorvald Helmer
97484A Doll's HouseSauchiehall Street, Glasgow, Scotland29th March 1909ActorTorvald Helmer
97481Love's ComedyPeter Street, Manchester, England22nd February 1909ActorFalk
97459The Master BuilderCookridge Street, Leeds, England20th February 1909ActorHalvard Solness
97479RosmersholmCookridge Street, Leeds, England19th February 1909ActorJohannes Rosmer
97458Hedda GablerCookridge Street, Leeds, England18th February 1909ActorEjlert Lövborg
97423The Master BuilderPeter Street, Manchester, England18th December 1908ActorHalvard Solness
97425John Gabriel BorkmanPeter Street, Manchester, England17th December 1908ActorJohn Gabriel Borkman
97430RosmersholmPeter Street, Manchester, England16th December 1908ActorJohannes Rosmer
97433Hedda GablerPeter Street, Manchester, England15th December 1908ActorEjlert Lövborg
97435A Doll's HousePeter Street, Manchester, England14th December 1908ActorTorvald Helmer
97497RosmersholmBrighton, England7th December 1908ActorJohannes Rosmer
97496The Master BuilderFolkestone, England23rd September 1908ActorHalvard Solness
97495A Doll's HouseFolkestone, England22nd September 1908ActorTorvald Helmer
97494Hedda GablerFolkestone, England21st September 1908ActorEjlert Lövborg
97493RosmersholmEdinburgh, Scotland28th August 1908ActorJohannes Rosmer
97489Hedda GablerEdinburgh, Scotland26th August 1908ActorEjlert Lövborg
97490A Doll's HouseEdinburgh, Scotland25th August 1908ActorTorvald Helmer
97491The Master BuilderEdinburgh, Scotland24th August 1908ActorHalvard Solness
97488A Doll's HouseSt Leonard's Place, York, England1st June 1908ActorTorvald Helmer
97450RosmersholmOxford Street, Manchester, England29th May 1908ActorJohannes Rosmer
97449The Master BuilderOxford Street, Manchester, England27th May 1908ActorHalvard Solness
97446A Doll's HouseOxford Street, Manchester, England26th May 1908ActorTorvald Helmer
97443Hedda GablerOxford Street, Manchester, England25th May 1908ActorEjlert Lövborg
80737Hedda GablerS King St, Dublin, Ireland13th May 1908ActorEjlert Lövborg
80736A Doll’s HouseS King St, Dublin, Ireland12th May 1908ActorTorvald Helmer
80734The Master BuilderS King St, Dublin, Ireland11th May 1908ActorHalvard Solness
97487A Doll's HouseLeamington, England11th March 1908ActorTorvald Helmer
97486The Master BuilderLeamington, England10th March 1908ActorHalvard Solness
97485Hedda GablerLeamington, England9th March 1908ActorEjlert Lövborg
97582A Doll's HouseSouthend-on-Sea, England21st October 1907ActorTorvald Helmer
97581The Master Builder21 Archer Street, Westbourne Grove, London, England17th September 1907ActorHalvard Solness
97575The Master BuilderCarlisle Road, Londonderry, Northern Ireland23rd August 1907ActorHalvard Solness
97574A Doll's HouseCarlisle Road, Londonderry, Northern Ireland21st August 1907ActorTorvald Helmer
97573The Master BuilderSussex Street, Middlesbrough, England22nd July 1907ActorHalvard Solness
80809The Master BuilderSmithy Street, Manchester, England22nd April 1907ActorHalvard Solness
97572The Master BuilderSt. Leonards Pier, St Leonards-on-Sea, England11th February 1907ActorHalvard Solness
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