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FunctionsActor, Director
Events, Date
Event NameAddressFirst DateFunctionCharacter
The Master Builder50-51 Sloane Square, London, England16th March 1909Producer
GhostsPrincess Street, Manchester, England16th November 1907Director
A Doll's HouseSmithy Street, Manchester, England28th April 1904Director
The Lady from the SeaSmithy Street, Manchester, England25th April 1904Director
A Doll's House46 New Briggate, Leeds, England22nd June 1903ActorTorvald Helmer
A Doll's House55 Norfolk Street, Sheffield, England15th June 1903ActorTorvald Helmer
The Lady from the Sea73 Dean Street, London, England4th May 1902Director
A Doll's HouseNew Cross, Lewisham, London, England26th May 1900ActorTorvald Helmer
The League of YouthThe Strand, London, England25th February 1900ActorAslaksen
A Doll's HouseQueen's Road, Hastings, England25th July 1898ActorTorvald Helmer
A Doll's HousePortsmouth, England29th October 1897ActorNils Krogstad
A Doll's HouseBiggin Street, Dover, England6th September 1897ActorNils Krogstad
A Doll's HouseAlbert Road, Bournemouth, England30th August 1897ActorNils Krogstad
A Doll's HouseSeagate, Dundee, Scotland2nd August 1897ActorNils Krogstad
The Wild DuckLondon, England17th May 1897ActorRelling
A Doll's HouseLondon, England10th May 1897ActorDr. Rank
A Doll's House73 Dean Street, London, England11th March 1893ActorTorvald Helmer
A Doll's HouseDorking, England9th November 1892ActorTorvald Helmer
A Doll's HouseHigh Street, Reigate, England8th November 1892ActorTorvald Helmer
A Doll's HouseGuildford, England7th November 1892ActorTorvald Helmer
Hedda GablerNew Rd, Brighton, England6th October 1892ActorEjlert Lövborg
A Doll's HouseNew Rd, Brighton, England3rd October 1892ActorTorvald Helmer
A Doll's House268 Northfield Avenue, Ealing, London, England19th April 1892ActorTorvald Helmer
A Doll's HouseAlexandria, Egypt15th March 1892Director
A Doll's HouseEL Borg Gezira, Cairo, Egypt15th March 1892Director
A Doll's HouseKolkata, West Bengal, India26th December 1891Director
A Doll's HouseColombo, Sri Lanka1st December 1891ActorDr. Rank
A Doll's House80 Elizabeth Street, Brisbane, Australia13th November 1891ActorTorvald Helmer
A Doll's House79-85 George Street, Launceston, Australia24th October 1891ActorTorvald Helmer
Hedda Gabler29 Campbell Street, Hobart, Australia20th October 1891Actor
A Doll's House29 Campbell Street, Hobart, Australia14th October 1891ActorTorvald Helmer
Hedda Gabler508 Hay Street, Perth, Australia22nd September 1891ActorEjlert Lövborg
A Doll's HouseFremantle, Australia19th September 1891Director
A Doll's House508 Hay Street, Perth, Australia16th September 1891ActorTorvald Helmer
Hedda Gabler87-95 Pirie Street, Adelaide, Australia25th August 1891Actor
A Doll's House87-95 Pirie Street, Adelaide, Australia24th August 1891ActorTorvald Helmer
A Doll's House347 Argent Street, Broken Hill, Australia10th August 1891ActorTorvald Helmer
A Doll's HouseBrown Street, Hamilton, Australia20th July 1891Actor
A Doll's HouseAlbury, Australia4th July 1891Actor
A Doll's House79-83 Castlereagh Street, Sydney, Australia24th June 1891ActorTorvald Helmer
A Doll's House79-83 Castlereagh Street, Sydney, Australia6th June 1891Director
A Doll's HouseView Street, Bendigo, Australia30th April 1891Director
A Doll's House17 Lydiard Street South, Ballarat, Australia23rd April 1891Director
A Doll's HouseAbove Victoria Arcade, Melbourne, Australia8th April 1891Director
A Doll's House80 Elizabeth Street, Brisbane, Australia11th February 1891ActorTorvald Helmer
A Doll's HouseQueen Street, Auckland, New Zealand14th January 1891Director
A Doll's House111/113 Manners Street, Wellington, New Zealand28th November 1890Director
A Doll's House145 Gloucester Street, Christchurch, New Zealand11th November 1890Director
A Doll's HouseDunedin, Otago, New Zealand24th October 1890Director
A Doll's HouseCorner Park and Pitt Streets, Sydney, Australia23rd August 1890ActorTorvald Helmer
A Doll's HouseCorner Park and Pitt Streets, Sydney, Australia12th July 1890ActorDr. Rank
A Doll's HouseHindley Street, Adelaide, Australia7th December 1889ActorTorvald Helmer
A Doll's House163 Spring Street, Melbourne, Australia14th September 1889ActorTorvald Helmer
A Doll's HouseNew Rd, Brighton, England20th June 1889ActorDr. Rank
A Doll's HouseGreat Queen Street, London, England7th June 1889ActorDr. Rank
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