Contributor Claus Bogel (Claus Bogel)
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Events, Date
EVENTIDEvent NameVENUEFirst DateFunctionCharacter
95868GhostsWaugh's Opera House14th February 1905Actor
99302GhostsBarre Opera House11th February 1905Actor
99303GhostsBlanchard Opera House10th February 1905Actor
95867GhostsStanley Opera House9th February 1905Actor
80428GhostsPrincess Theatre23rd January 1905Actor
99304GhostsTemple Theatre3rd January 1905Actor
92644GhostsCapital Theater28th December 1904Actor
92647GhostsThe Grand8th December 1904Actor
95865GhostsWalnut Street Theatre7th December 1904Actor
95866GhostsBaker Grand5th December 1904Actor
95864GhostsRapides Theatre4th December 1904Actor
95869GhostsTulane Theater28th November 1904Actor
92646GhostsThe Kentucky24th November 1904Actor
99138GhostsOpera House23rd November 1904Actor
99137GhostsNoble Street Theatre19th November 1904Actor
92613GhostsCapital Theater13th November 1904Actor
99136GhostsMontgomery Theatre12th November 1904Actor
92645GhostsAuditorium29th October 1904Actor
92642GhostsAcademy of Music28th October 1904Actor
92659GhostsAcademy of Music26th October 1904Actor
99135GhostsGrand Opera House21st October 1904Actor
92641GhostsJacob's Theatre19th October 1904Actor
80368GhostsWinnipeg Theatre9th March 1904Actor
80367GhostsGrand Opera House31st January 1904Actor
92612GhostsThe Kentucky6th November 1903Actor
92610GhostsVendome4th November 1903Actor
92609GhostsThe Grand20th October 1903Actor
92608GhostsAcademy of Music12th October 1903Actor
76944A Doll's HouseManhattan Theatre21st May 1902Actor
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