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Events, Date
EVENTIDEvent NameVENUEFirst DateFunctionCharacter
96396A Doll's HouseKingsway Theatre22nd April 1911ActorMrs. Kristine Linde
96395GhostsAthenaeum Hall16th November 1907ActorMrs. Helene Alving
80380A Doll's HouseTheatre Royal28th April 1904ActorNora
80379The Lady from the SeaTheatre Royal25th April 1904ActorMrs. Ellida Wangel
96085A Doll's HouseGrand Theatre22nd June 1903ActorNora
96084A Doll's HouseLyceum Theatre15th June 1903ActorNora
80235The Lady from the SeaRoyalty Theatre4th May 1902ActorMrs. Ellida Wangel
97053A Doll's HouseBroadway Theatre26th May 1900ActorNora
96256A Doll's HouseGaiety Theatre25th July 1898ActorNora
95900A Doll's HouseTheatre Royal29th October 1897ActorNora
95950A Doll's HouseDover Town Hall6th September 1897ActorNora
95988A Doll's HouseTheatre Royal30th August 1897ActorNora
95949A Doll's HouseHer Majesty's Theatre2nd August 1897ActorNora
85365A Doll's HouseThe Globe Theatre10th May 1897ActorNora
78768Little EyolfAvenue Theatre23rd November 1896ActorMrs. Rita Allmers
75681A Doll's HouseHoyt's Madison Square Theatre6th June 1895ActorNora
77015A Doll's HouseRoyalty Theatre11th March 1893ActorNora
95898A Doll's HouseDorking Public Hall9th November 1892ActorNora
95896A Doll's HouseReigate Public Hall8th November 1892ActorNora
95895A Doll's HouseGuildford7th November 1892ActorNora
84726Hedda GablerTheatre Royal6th October 1892ActorThea Elvsted
84724A Doll's HouseTheatre Royal3rd October 1892ActorNora
76573A Doll's HouseAvenue Theatre19th April 1892ActorNora
75682A Doll's HouseAlexandria15th March 1892ActorNora
75685A Doll's HouseKhedivial Theatre15th March 1892ActorNora
75683A Doll's HouseCorinthian Theatre26th December 1891ActorNora
75684A Doll's HouseColombo1st December 1891ActorNora
87619A Doll's HouseTheatre Royal13th November 1891ActorNora
87618Hedda GablerTheatre Royal6th November 1891ActorMrs. Hedda Tesman
87617A Doll's HouseAcademy of Music24th October 1891ActorNora
87616Hedda GablerTheatre Royal20th October 1891ActorMrs. Hedda Tesman
75650A Doll's HouseTheatre Royal14th October 1891ActorNora
87614Hedda GablerSt George's Hall22nd September 1891ActorMrs. Hedda Tesman
87615A Doll's HouseFremantle Town Hall19th September 1891ActorNora
75652A Doll's HouseSt George's Hall16th September 1891ActorNora
87613Hedda GablerAlbert Hall25th August 1891ActorMrs. Hedda Tesman
75653A Doll's HouseAlbert Hall24th August 1891ActorNora
75695A Doll's HouseTheatre Royal10th August 1891ActorNora
100509A Doll's HouseHamilton Town Hall20th July 1891ActorNora
100510A Doll's HouseAlbury4th July 1891ActorNora
87612A Doll's HouseGarrick Theatre24th June 1891ActorNora
75693A Doll's HouseGarrick Theatre6th June 1891ActorNora
75690A Doll's HouseRoyal Princess Theatre30th April 1891ActorNora
75692A Doll's HouseAcademy of Music23rd April 1891ActorNora
75691A Doll's HouseBijou Theatre8th April 1891ActorNora
75689A Doll's HouseTheatre Royal11th February 1891ActorNora
75651A Doll's HouseAbbott's Opera House14th January 1891ActorNora
76247A Doll's HouseOpera House28th November 1890ActorNora
76245A Doll's HouseTheatre Royal11th November 1890ActorNora
87684A Doll's HousePrincess Theatre24th October 1890ActorNora
87611A Doll's HouseCriterion Theatre23rd August 1890ActorNora
76246A Doll's HouseCriterion Theatre12th July 1890ActorNora
76248A Doll's HouseTheatre Royal7th December 1889ActorNora
76249A Doll's HousePrincess Theatre14th September 1889ActorNora
88746A Doll's HouseTheatre Royal20th June 1889ActorNora
75649A Doll's HouseThe Novelty Theatre7th June 1889ActorNora
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