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Events, Date
EVENTIDEvent NameVENUEFirst DateFunctionCharacter
100451Hedda GablerNew York City29th June 2020Translator
99889GhostsTarrant County College -Theatre southeast2nd October 2019Translator
99842A Doll's HouseSt. Johns Lutheran Church8th August 2019Translator
86259John Gabriel BorkmanLa Mama Theatre18th September 2013Translator
93904Hedda GablerJakobus-Theater in der Fabrik21st May 2012Translator
93900Hedda GablerThe Lace Market Theatre7th May 2012Translator
93648Hedda GablerMad Cow Theatre22nd February 2012Translator
93589GhostsSt. Andrews Center4th March 2011Translator
77668A Doll's HouseThe Gryphon Theatre16th February 2011Translator
93519Hedda GablerPhoenix Theatre7th October 2010Translator
85554A Doll's HouseJohn Strasberg Studios23rd April 2009Translator
92703GhostsChicago Cultural Center18th April 2009Translator
92702GhostsSuleyman Demirel Center27th March 2009Translator
91887The Wild DuckThe Museum of Contemporary Art15th January 2009Translator
92303Little EyolfPantagleize Theatre24th April 2008Translator
91487Hedda GablerTheatro Technis16th October 2007Translator
100649Ghosts: A Family DramaScotland30th January 2007Translator
75415A Doll HouseThe Leanor and Alvin Segal Theatre5th February 2006Translator
90655Peer GyntRauh Theatre, Pittsburgh Playhouse7th September 2005Translator
97210Hedda GablerKirk O'Field Church Hall14th August 2000Translator
96417John Gabriel BorkmanThe Pearl Theatre Company9th November 1999Translator
76092A Doll's HouseThe Pearl Theatre Company5th September 1995Translator
86979Little EyolfThe Pearl Theatre Company4th February 1994Translator
86576GhostsThe Pearl Theatre Company31st January 1992Translator
86573GhostsThe Lyric Stage8th January 1992Translator
86527Peer GyntLees Main Stage, University of Utah20th March 1991Translator
77128A Doll's HouseEnsemble Theatre16th February 1989Translator
86136Hedda GablerTodd Wehr Theater, Performing Arts Center27th February 1987Translator
85641Hedda GablerCourt Theatre12th January 1984Translator
77058A Doll's HouseNew Stage Theater1st December 1983Translator
84034The Wild DuckTower Theatre18th March 1977Translator
84840Hedda GablerAbbey Theatre20th September 1975Translator
84783Hedda GablerStagelights Theatre2nd April 1972Translator
88666GhostsAldwych Theatre14th June 1967Translator
94087Peer GyntStudio Theatre East Hall, University of California24th October 1963Translator
75477A Doll's HouseMinor Hall Theatre13th May 1963Translator
77418A Doll's HouseDakota Wesleyan University23rd May 1956Translator
85270A Doll's HouseEducational Radio23rd February 1954Translator
95566GhostsTower Theatre15th May 1953Translator
91401A Doll's HouseEngland4th November 1952Translator
82944Hedda GablerArts Theatre Club17th January 1951Translator
101222The Master BuilderEngland2nd May 1950Translator
97017John Gabriel BorkmanToynbee Hall Theatre12th February 1949Translator
96995Peer GyntBirmingham Repertory Theatre11th May 1948Translator
96892Hedda GablerDublin Gate Theatre (Gate Theatre)10th June 1947Translator
96875When We Dead AwakenEast Balcony Theatre, Pasadena Playhouse6th March 1947Translator
96809Little EyolfEmbassy Theatre12th June 1945Translator
96808John Gabriel BorkmanChanticleer Theatre Club14th April 1945Translator
96805When We Dead AwakenChanticleer Theatre Club17th March 1945Translator
96801Hedda GablerGlasgow Citizens' Theatre23rd January 1945Translator
96748The Master BuilderDublin Gate Theatre (Gate Theatre)2nd October 1943Translator
96666Hedda GablerDublin Gate Theatre (Gate Theatre)9th September 1941Translator
96659Pillars of SocietyAvery Hall, Vassar College21st February 1941Translator
96641GhostsDuchess Theatre30th May 1940Translator
76600A Doll's HouseGreen Gables Playhouse4th September 1939Translator
75424NoraDuke of York's Theatre3rd February 1939Translator
96252The Wild DuckTavistock Little Theatre15th May 1936Translator
96244The Master BuilderCriterion Theatre12th March 1936Translator
96241Hedda GablerCriterion Theatre9th March 1936Translator
76554A Doll's HouseCriterion Theatre2nd March 1936Translator
76145A Doll's HouseTavistock Little Theatre21st February 1936Translator
96212When We Dead AwakenWoman's Club Assembly30th November 1935Translator
96209GhostsWoman's Club Assembly27th November 1935Translator
96208GhostsLa Crosse State Teachers College23rd November 1935Translator
96207GhostsEastern High School20th November 1935Translator
96211When We Dead AwakenEastern High School20th November 1935Translator
96206GhostsLawrence College Memorial Chapel19th November 1935Translator
96210When We Dead AwakenUniversity Theatre, Bascom Hall5th November 1935Translator
96205GhostsUniversity Theatre, Bascom Hall4th November 1935Translator
77173A Doll's HousePasadena Playhouse21st January 1935Translator
77172A Doll's HouseThe Playbox Theatre, Pasadena Playhouse16th December 1934Translator
96166The Master BuilderDrake Auditorium, Drake University30th October 1934Translator
96165GhostsDrake Auditorium, Drake University29th October 1934Translator
96127The Master BuilderEmbassy Theatre30th April 1934Translator
96105The Master BuilderTavistock Little Theatre9th March 1934Translator
76481A Doll's HouseArts Theatre Club4th March 1934Translator
96045The Master BuilderThe Playmakers Theatre13th October 1933Translator
96047GhostsMemorial Hall, University of North Carolina13th October 1933Translator
95959The Master BuilderDuchess Theatre19th November 1931Translator
76711A Doll's HouseThe Little Theatre12th November 1931Translator
95940Hedda GablerThe People´s Theatre, Fortune Theatre23rd March 1931Translator
95939Hedda GablerArts Theatre Club17th March 1931Translator
95915Little EyolfMalvern Theatre23rd June 1930Translator
95914Little EyolfBirmingham Repertory Theatre8th March 1930Translator
84466When We Dead AwakenThe Kenneth Sawyer Goodman Memorial Theatre (The Art Institute of Chicago)26th February 1929Translator
84456The Wild Duck49th Street Theatre (Forty-Ninth STreet Theatre)19th November 1928Translator
84010The Vikings at HelgelandThe Old Vic1st October 1928Translator
83913John Gabriel BorkmanAbbey Theatre3rd April 1928Translator
77133A Doll's HouseKingsway Theatre20th March 1928Translator
83478Lady Inger of OstratCentury Theatre31st October 1927Translator
83420GhostsShubert Theatre18th April 1927Translator
83419GhostsParson's Theatre11th April 1927Translator
83418GhostsNew Park Theatre28th March 1927Translator
83417GhostsIllinois Theatre31st January 1927Translator
83415GhostsMansfield Theatre10th January 1927Translator
83414GhostsBelasco Theatre27th December 1926Translator
77158A Doll's HouseBeechwood Theatre9th December 1926Translator
83413GhostsThe Auditorium13th November 1926Translator
85108Pillars of SocietyRoyalty Theatre5th August 1926Translator
77157A Doll's HouseThe Silvermine Guild Theatre22nd July 1926Translator
83379Pillars of SocietyEveryman Theatre13th July 1926Translator
83355Hedda GablerComedy Theatre26th January 1926Translator
76444A Doll's HouseThe Playhouse Theatre20th November 1925Translator
83345Hedda GablerMaddermarket Theatre26th October 1925Translator
83328The Wild Duck48th Street Theatre (Forty-Eight Street Theatre)24th February 1925Translator
83324Peer GyntNew Theatre Oxford10th February 1925Translator
83321The Lady from the SeaLyric Theatre2nd February 1925Translator
83303John Gabriel BorkmanOxford Playhouse17th November 1924Translator
83299The Master BuilderBirmingham Repertory Theatre11th October 1924Translator
83282Peer GyntGreat Northern Theatre17th February 1924Translator
85101Peer GyntSam S. Shubert Theatre12th March 1923Translator
83237Peer GyntGarrick Theatre5th February 1923Translator
83210Hedda GablerWimbledon Theatre30th October 1922Translator
83209Hedda GablerBrixton Theatre14th August 1922Translator
83208Hedda GablerKingsway Theatre12th June 1922Translator
83207Hedda GablerEveryman Theatre22nd May 1922Translator
83203The PretendersNew Theatre Oxford10th March 1922Translator
83202Peer GyntThe Old Vic6th March 1922Translator
83172Hedda GablerBirmingham Repertory Theatre12th May 1921Translator
85081An Enemy of the PeopleThe Irish Theatre4th February 1918Translator
83040GhostsSt. James Theatre6th November 1917Translator
83015GhostsKingsway Theatre28th April 1917Translator
83012An Enemy of the PeopleThe Irish Theatre23rd April 1917Translator
82974GhostsComedy Theatre7th May 1916Translator
82912GhostsTheatre Royal Haymarket14th July 1914Translator
82911GhostsRoyal Court Theatre26th April 1914Translator
82894The Wild DuckSt. James Theatre1st December 1913Translator
82861The PretendersTheatre Royal Haymarket13th February 1913Translator
82804When We Dead AwakenRehearsal Theatre17th December 1911Translator
82787The Lady from the SeaLyric Theatre6th November 1911Translator
82758Hedda GablerKingsway Theatre27th May 1911Translator
82756The Master BuilderThe Little Theatre28th March 1911Translator
76065A Doll's HouseRoyal Court Theatre6th March 1911Translator
82747Peer GyntRehearsal Theatre26th February 1911Translator
76486A Doll's HouseRoyalty Theatre14th February 1911Translator
82744John Gabriel BorkmanRoyal Court Theatre26th January 1911Translator
80885When We Dead AwakenRehearsal Theatre5th June 1910Translator
80810An Enemy of the PeopleHis Majesty's Theatre30th April 1909Translator
80681The Master BuilderBijou Theatre23rd September 1907Translator
80596The PretendersHyperion Theatre5th April 1907Translator
80595The PretendersWaldorf Astoria3rd April 1907Translator
80594The PretendersParson's Theatre1st April 1907Translator
80560Peer GyntNew Amsterdam Theatre25th February 1907Translator
80559Peer GyntEuclid Avenue Opera House21st January 1907Translator
80558Peer GyntGrand Opera House29th October 1906Translator
80449The Master BuilderHoyt's Madison Square Theatre12th May 1905Translator
76945A Doll's HouseNew Lyceum Theatre2nd May 1905Translator
80380A Doll's HouseTheatre Royal28th April 1904Translator
80379The Lady from the SeaTheatre Royal25th April 1904Translator
80376Pillars of SocietyLyric Theatre15th April 1904Translator
76930A Doll's HouseManhattan Theatre2nd February 1904Translator
80277When We Dead AwakenImperial Theatre25th January 1903Translator
80191The Pillars of SocietyLichfield Garrick Theatre13th May 1901Translator
80151The League of YouthVaudeville Theatre25th February 1900Translator
78843GhostsQueen’s Gate Hall24th June 1897Translator
78827John Gabriel BorkmanRoyal Strand Theatre3rd May 1897Translator
78768Little EyolfAvenue Theatre23rd November 1896Translator
78750Little EyolfPlayroom Six14th September 1896Translator
75681A Doll's HouseHoyt's Madison Square Theatre6th June 1895Translator
78445The Master BuilderVaudeville Theatre6th March 1893Translator
78440The Master BuilderTrafalgar Square Theatre20th February 1893Translator
78435GhostsAthenaeum Hall26th January 1893Translator
95898A Doll's HouseDorking Public Hall9th November 1892Translator
95896A Doll's HouseReigate Public Hall8th November 1892Translator
95895A Doll's HouseGuildford7th November 1892Translator
84724A Doll's HouseTheatre Royal3rd October 1892Translator
76573A Doll's HouseAvenue Theatre19th April 1892Translator
75682A Doll's HouseAlexandria15th March 1892Translator
75685A Doll's HouseKhedivial Theatre15th March 1892Translator
75683A Doll's HouseCorinthian Theatre26th December 1891Translator
75684A Doll's HouseColombo1st December 1891Translator
87619A Doll's HouseTheatre Royal13th November 1891Translator
87617A Doll's HouseAcademy of Music24th October 1891Translator
75650A Doll's HouseTheatre Royal14th October 1891Translator
87615A Doll's HouseFremantle Town Hall19th September 1891Translator
75652A Doll's HouseSt George's Hall16th September 1891Translator
75653A Doll's HouseAlbert Hall24th August 1891Translator
75695A Doll's HouseTheatre Royal10th August 1891Translator
100509A Doll's HouseHamilton Town Hall20th July 1891Translator
100510A Doll's HouseAlbury4th July 1891Translator
87612A Doll's HouseGarrick Theatre24th June 1891Translator
75693A Doll's HouseGarrick Theatre6th June 1891Translator
75690A Doll's HouseRoyal Princess Theatre30th April 1891Translator
75692A Doll's HouseAcademy of Music23rd April 1891Translator
75691A Doll's HouseBijou Theatre8th April 1891Translator
88655GhostsRoyalty Theatre13th March 1891Translator
75689A Doll's HouseTheatre Royal11th February 1891Translator
77000A Doll's HouseTerry's Theatre27th January 1891Translator
75651A Doll's HouseAbbott's Opera House14th January 1891Translator
76247A Doll's HouseOpera House28th November 1890Translator
96195A Doll's HouseTheatre Royal24th November 1890Translator
76245A Doll's HouseTheatre Royal11th November 1890Translator
87684A Doll's HousePrincess Theatre24th October 1890Translator
87611A Doll's HouseCriterion Theatre23rd August 1890Translator
76246A Doll's HouseCriterion Theatre12th July 1890Translator
76248A Doll's HouseTheatre Royal7th December 1889Translator
76249A Doll's HousePrincess Theatre14th September 1889Translator
78241The Pillars of SocietyOpera Comique Theatre17th July 1889Translator
88746A Doll's HouseTheatre Royal20th June 1889Translator
75649A Doll's HouseThe Novelty Theatre7th June 1889Translator
78073QuicksandsGaiety Theatre15th December 1880Translator
99486A Doll's HouseThe Questors TheatreNovember 1945Translator
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