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FunctionsAdaptation, Translator
Events, Date
EVENTIDEvent NameVENUEFirst DateFunctionCharacter
101267A Dolls HouseThe Playhouse Theatre10th June 2020Adaptation
99826A Doll's HouseTrinity Street Theatre21st June 2019Adaptation
99381A Doll's HouseEast Stroudsburg University17th April 2018Adaptation
98709A Doll's HouseGannon University's Schuster Theatre30th November 2017Adaptation
96622A Doll's HouseTower Grove Abbey2nd February 2017Adaptation
100417A Doll's HouseYoung Centre - Baillie Theatre27th July 2016Adaptation
95377A Doll's HouseShaking The Tree Theatre & Studio8th April 2016Adaptation
85919A Doll's HouseMain Campus, Norman R. Roberts Lab Theatre, Kopecek Hall21st November 2013Translator
85780A Doll's HouseConcord Main Stage23rd July 2012Adaptation
85725A Doll's HouseSherman Cymru3rd April 2012Adaptation
85724A Doll's HouseEmlyn Williams Theatre1st March 2012Adaptation
93742GhostsSt John’s Theatre3rd July 2011Adaptation
93741GhostsEveryman Palace Theatre27th June 2011Adaptation
93740GhostsBrunton Theatre24th June 2011Adaptation
93739GhostsQueen's Hall Arts Centre23rd June 2011Adaptation
93738GhostsLawrence Batley Theatre21st June 2011Adaptation
93737GhostsThe Lemon Tree18th June 2011Adaptation
93736GhostsAdam Smith Theatre17th June 2011Adaptation
93735GhostsMaltings16th June 2011Adaptation
93734GhostsThe Civic15th June 2011Adaptation
93733GhostsGuildhall Arts Centre14th June 2011Adaptation
93732GhostsBuxton Opera House13th June 2011Adaptation
93731GhostsPomegranate Theatre11th June 2011Adaptation
93730GhostsBrewery Arts Centre10th June 2011Adaptation
93729GhostsMiddlesbrough Theatre9th June 2011Adaptation
93728GhostsStamford Arts Centre8th June 2011Adaptation
93727GhostsMillfield Theatre7th June 2011Adaptation
93726GhostsPavilion Theatre2nd June 2011Adaptation
93725GhostsWatergate Theatre1st June 2011Adaptation
93724GhostsGarter Lane Arts30th May 2011Adaptation
93723GhostsMarket Place28th May 2011Adaptation
93722GhostsArdhowen Theatre27th May 2011Adaptation
93721GhostsOld Courthouse26th May 2011Adaptation
93720GhostsMillennium Forum24th May 2011Adaptation
93718GhostsAn Grianan Theatre23rd May 2011Adaptation
93717GhostsGreat Hall21st May 2011Adaptation
93716GhostsHawk’s Well Theatre20th May 2011Adaptation
93715GhostsLinenhall Arts Centre19th May 2011Adaptation
93714GhostsTown Hall Theatre17th May 2011Adaptation
93713GhostsClwyd Theatr Cymru12th May 2011Adaptation
93712GhostsOld Town Hall Arts Center10th May 2011Adaptation
93711GhostsCourtyard Theatre7th May 2011Adaptation
93710GhostsColiseum5th May 2011Adaptation
93709GhostsThe Lights4th May 2011Adaptation
93708GhostsThe Landmark Theatre3rd May 2011Adaptation
93707GhostsEastgate Theatre & Arts Centre30th April 2011Adaptation
93706GhostsForum 2828th April 2011Adaptation
93705GhostsRosehill Theatre27th April 2011Adaptation
93822Peer GyntSouthwark Playhouse21st April 2011Adaptation
93704GhostsCharter Theatre15th April 2011Adaptation
93702GhostsRiverside Theatre13th April 2011Adaptation
93701GhostsGarage Theatre12th April 2011Adaptation
93700GhostsIsland Arts Centre11th April 2011Adaptation
93699GhostsTheatre at the Mill8th April 2011Adaptation
93698GhostsTorch Theatre6th April 2011Adaptation
77520A Doll's House (A Doll House)Wismer Theatre5th April 2011Adaptation
93697GhostsBorough Theatre5th April 2011Adaptation
93696GhostsThe Trinity Theatre2nd April 2011Adaptation
93695GhostsThe Castle31st March 2011Adaptation
93694GhostsThe Arena Studio Theatre29th March 2011Adaptation
93693GhostsHull Truck Theatre24th March 2011Adaptation
93692GhostsThe Arts Centre23rd March 2011Adaptation
93691GhostsTheatre Royal17th March 2011Adaptation
93516The Lady from the SeaJane B. Cook Theatre, FSU Center for the Performing Arts22nd February 2011Adaptation
77436A Doll's HouseFritsche Theatre3rd February 2011Translator
93526John Gabriel BorkmanBAM Harvey Theater7th January 2011Adaptation
93523John Gabriel BorkmanAbbey Stage6th October 2010Adaptation
77777A Doll's HouseThe Pine Camp Arts and Community Center7th May 2010Translator
85659A Doll's HouseGlobe Theatre Main Stage21st April 2010Adaptation
93000GhostsDuchess Theatre11th February 2010Translator
85567A Doll's HousePalm Beach Dramaworks16th October 2009Adaptation
92769The Master BuilderFrancis J. Greenburger Mainstage10th October 2008Adaptation
85490Ningyo no ie (A Doll's House / 人形の家)Shiatākokūn (Theatre Cocoon, Bunkamura / シアターコクーン)5th September 2008Adaptation
76538A Doll's HouseMalvern Theatres - Festival Theatre28th May 2008Producer
76537A Doll's HouseTheatre Royal13th May 2008Producer
76536A Doll's HouseOxford Playhouse6th May 2008Producer
92307The lady from the seaArcola Theatre29th April 2008Adaptation
76535A Doll's HouseNorthern Stage19th April 2008Producer
76582A Doll's HouseWilliams Theatre22nd February 2008Producer
77093A Doll HouseJane B. Cook Theatre, FSU Center for the Performing Arts28th June 2007Producer
76943A Doll's HouseDean Crowe Theatre28th April 2007Translator
76942A Doll's HouseThe Community Centre, Rathangan28th March 2007Translator
75430A Doll's HouseCommunity College Hall24th March 2007Translator
75429A Doll's HouseCommunity Arts Centre21st March 2007Translator
75428A Doll's HouseArdhowen Theatre10th March 2007Translator
75427A Doll's HouseIontas Theatre9th March 2007Translator
75426A Doll's HouseThe Millbank Theatre27th February 2007Translator
75425A Doll's HouseThe Moat Theatre20th February 2007Translator
87236GhostsBristol Old Vic26th January 2007Adaptation
77303A Doll's HouseTennessee Technological University Backdoor Playhouse9th November 2006Producer
77229A Doll's HouseRarig Center, Stoll Thrust Theatre27th October 2006Translator
77045A Doll's HouseDevanaughn Theatre2nd December 2005Translator
85459A Doll's HouseKenton Theatre21st November 2005Adaptation
85458A Doll's HouseMoser Theatre, Wadham College15th November 2005Adaptation
77347A Doll's HouseStevens Student Center Theatre, Cedarville University7th October 2005Adaptation
87904The Wild DuckHarbourfront Centre18th July 2005Adaptation
76756A Doll's HouseDillard Theatre21st April 2005Producer
76648A Doll's HouseAbbey Theatre16th April 2005Producer
77052Ningyō no ie (A Doll's House / 人形の家)Tōkyō amerikan kurabu (Tokyo American Club / 東京アメリカンクラブ)28th October 2004Translator
77041A Doll's HouseWatters Theater, Fine Arts Building15th October 2004Translator
77026A Doll's HouseStudio Theatre, Timms Centre for the Arts23rd September 2004Translator
77283A Doll's HouseFine Arts Hall Studio Theatre, Columbus State University16th April 2004Producer
77411A Doll's HouseQuadracci Powerhouse Theater25th February 2004Producer
76712A Doll's HouseNorthern Theatre18th February 2004Producer
76791A Doll's HouseRegistry Theatre27th November 2003Producer
76751A Doll's HouseGreer Garson Theatre, Owen Arts Center13th November 2003Producer
90066GhostsOld Fire Station Studio Theatre11th November 2003Translator
77327A Doll's HouseStudio Theater, Hartnell College Performing Arts Center3rd October 2003Translator
89975The Wild DuckPeacock Theatre3rd July 2003Adaptation
75545A Doll's HouseSewell Theatre21st November 2002Producer
77049A Doll's HouseEagan Center Theatre, Florissant Civic Center1st November 2002Translator
76713A Doll's HouseThe Octagon12th March 2002Producer
89292Gynty - A Theatre Columbus Reinvention of Ibsen's Peer GyntFactory Studio Theatre9th March 2002Translator
76478A Doll's HouseMaddermarket Theatre24th January 2002Translator
76761A Doll's HouseNext Theatre2nd March 2001Producer
75350A Doll's HouseThe Dayton Theatre Guild2nd February 2001Producer
76952A Doll's HouseNext Theatre2nd February 2001Adaptation
76778A Doll's HouseHarper Joy Theatre1st November 2000Translator
87240Peer GyntOlivier Theatre20th October 2000Adaptation
77029A Doll's HouseLyric Theatre25th April 2000Producer
77031A Doll's HouseRuth Nagel Jones Theatre24th February 2000Producer
76727A Doll's HouseThe Village Players14th January 2000Translator
96415Hedda GablerBrighton6th December 1999Adaptation
96414Hedda GablerRichmond Theatre29th November 1999Adaptation
96413Hedda GablerTheatre Royal Plymouth18th November 1999Adaptation
85437A Doll's HouseConcordia University Theatre30th October 1998Adaptation
76167A Doll's HouseFairfax Studio23rd April 1998Adaptation
76746A Doll's HouseSeattle Repertory Theatre6th December 1997Producer
76650A Doll's HouseBelasco Theatre25th March 1997Translator
76649A Doll's HouseThe Playhouse Theatre5th November 1996Producer
87187Hedda GablerCriterion Center Stage Right1st June 1994Translator
81184Pēru gyunto (Peer Gynt / ペール・ギュント)Ginza Season Theatre20th April 1994Adaptation
81183Peer GyntBarbican Theatre3rd March 1994Adaptation
81007Peer GyntNationaltheatret Hovedscenen11th February 1994Adaptation
86664RosmersholmAnnex Theater8th December 1988Translator
86649Peer GyntDublin Gate Theatre (Gate Theatre)4th October 1988Adaptation
86191RosmersholmCottesloe Theatre6th May 1987Adaptation
98804A Doll's HouseDublinOctober 1996Producer
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