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Name_SORTNameAddressFirstDate_SORTLastDate_SORTEvent DatesEventsResources
New Yorker TheatreUnited States, New York, 2409 Broadway19301 
The New York University TheatreUnited States, New York19791 
New York Theatre WorkshopUnited States, New York, 79 East 4th Street20041 
New York Performance WorksUnited States, New York, 85 W Broadway19981 
New York City Center of Music and DramaUnited States, New York19511 
New York City CenterUnited States, New York20101 
New York CityUnited States, New York1893 - 201013 
New Wolsey TheatreEngland, Ipswich, Suffolk, Civic Drive20021 
New Wimbledon StudioEngland, London, 93 The Broadway2005 - 20063 
New Waterloo TheatreUnited States, Cedar Falls19082 
New Victoria TheatreEngland, Woking, The Ambassadors, Peacocks Centre20181 
New Vic TheatreEngland, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, Etruria Road20141 
New Vic StudioEngland, Bristol, 38 King Street19861 
New Venture TheatreEngland, Brighton, Bedford Place20081 
The New TheatreIreland, Dublin, 43 East Essex Street Temple Bar20121 
New Theatre RoyalEngland, Portsmouth, 24 Guildhall Walk1999 - 20183 
New Theatre OxfordEngland, Oxford, George St, City Centre1910 - 19647 
The New Theatre of BrooklynUnited States, Brooklyn1910 - 19882 
New Theatre LeagueAustralia, Sydney, 36 Pitt Street19441 
New Theatre BromleyEngland, Bromley, London, 111 High Street19511 
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