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Name_SORTNameAddressFirstDate_SORTLastDate_SORTEvent DatesEventsResources
Hyperion TheatreUnited States, New Haven, 262 College Street19071 
Huntington TheatreUnited States, Huntington1907 - 19082 
Herning TeaterDenmark, Herning19071 
Holbæk TeaterDenmark, Holbæk1907 - 20182 
Hudson TheatreUnited States, New York, 145 W 44th St1908 - 19372 
His Majesty's TheatreCanada, Montréal, Guy Street1908 - 19464 
Heilig TheatreUnited States, Porland1908 - 19122 
Hetrick TheatreUnited States, Chanute19091 
Home of Mrs. Henry Cleveland PerkinsUnited States, Washington D.C.19091 
Hotel MargaretUnited States, New York19091 
Hillerød TeaterDenmark, Hillerød, Milnersvej 4319092 
Hesselager TeaterDenmark, Hesselager19092 
Høng TheaterDenmark, Høng19092 
Her Majesty's TheatreEngland, Carlisle, English Street19101 
HungaryHungary, Hungary1910 - 20085 
Hastings PierEngland, Hastings19118 
Hospital Circle of The King´s DaughtersUnited States19111 
HälleforsSweden, Hällefors19111 
HațegRomania, Hațeg19111 
Humboldt Park Perish HouseUnited States, Chicago19111