PhotographStillImageTabea Schattmaier (the mute Ellida)
PhotographStillImageTapani Kalliomäki
PhotographStillImageTapani Kalliomäki and Leena Kokko-Saukkonen
PhotographStillImageTapani Kalliomäki and Toni Kamula
PhotographStillImageTatʼjana Černjavskaja and Vadim Krivoeev
BookTextTeater i Sverige utanför huvudstaden
CollectionCollectionTerje Vigen Scripts and Letters
PhotographStillImageTerrence Riggins as the Nigerian Ambassador to the United Nations
PhotographStillImageTesman (Christopher Liam Moore) and Hedda (Susannah Schulman)
PhotographStillImageTesman, Hedda, Lovborg (Preston Maybank), Patrick and Steven
PhotographStillImageTesman, the Servant, Hedda and Heddaʼs neighbor (Kate A. Mulligan)
ReviewTextThe Achurch-Charrington Company
PhotographStillImageThe Asylum
CollectionCollectionThe Burial Mound Scripts and Letters
PhotographStillImageThe buttonmoulder (J.P. Guimont) and Peer (Noah Brody)
PhotographStillImageThe Cast
PhotographStillImageThe cast
PhotographStillImageThe cast with the director, André Stolz, in front to the right
PhotographStillImageThe company
PhotographStillImageThe company
PhotographStillImageThe Dovre hall
PhotographStillImageThe ensemble
PhotographStillImageThe ensemble in Bjørntvedtbruddet
PhotographStillImageThe ensemble warming up before a rehersal
PhotographStillImageThe ensemble with Lars Arstad
CollectionCollectionThe Feast at Solhaug Scripts and Letters
PhotographStillImageThe final scene
PhotographStillImageThe final scene
PhotographStillImageThe herdgirls
PhotographStillImageThe herdgirls chasing Peer
CollectionCollectionThe Lady from the Sea Scripts and Letters
CollectionCollectionThe League of Youth Letters
CollectionCollectionThe Master Builder Scripts and Letters
PhotographStillImageThe players and Uthaug Songlag
CollectionCollectionThe Pretenders Scripts and Letters
PhotographStillImageThe servant (Kimberly Scott) and Hedda Gabler (Susannah Schulman)
PhotographStillImageThe Set
PhotographStillImageThe Set
PhotographStillImageThe set
PhotographStillImageThe set
PhotographStillImageThe Set
PhotographStillImageThe Set
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