StillImagePhotographGabriela Maggiolo
StillImagePhotographGabriela Maggiolo and María Laura Reigosa
StillImagePhotographGabriela Mikulková (Hedda)
StillImagePhotographGabriela Mikulková (Hedda) and Lada Bělaková (Thea)
StillImagePhotographGabriela Reinitzer (Ellida)
StillImagePhotographGeir Sundberg Kvarme (Dovre-master) and Espen Reboli Bjerke (Peer Gynt)
StillImagePhotographGemma Arterton
StillImagePhotographGemma Arterton and Stephen Dillane
StillImagePhotographGenevieve OReilly as Helena
MovingImagePerformance RecordingGengangere
MovingImagePerformance RecordingGengangere (Gjengangere)
TextProgrammeGengangere : by Henrik Ibsen
StillImagePhotographGeoffrey Newland
StillImagePhotographGeoffrey Newland, Katherine Tozer and Rebecca Johnson
StillImagePhotographGeorge Tesman (Martin Giles) and Hedda (Robin Walsh)
StillImagePhotographGerald Leiß, Stephan von Soden and Jürgen Brunner
StillImagePhotographGerd Anthoff and Lambert Hamel
StillImagePhotographGerhard Hoberstorfer (Pastor Manders) and Helena Bergström (Helene Alving)
StillImagePhotographGerhard Hoberstorfer and Helena af Sandeberg
StillImagePhotographGerhard Palder and Günter Baumann
StillImagePhotographGerhard Peilstein
StillImagePhotographGerti Drassl and Siegfried Walther
StillImagePhotographGerti Drassl and Siegfried Walther
StillImagePhotographGesine Forberger (The redheaded woman) and Andreas Jäpel (Peer Gynt)
CollectionCollectionGhosts Scripts and Letters
StillImagePhotographGilbert Mieroph (Dr. Tomas Stockmann) and Bernhard Hackmann (Peter Stockmann)
StillImagePhotographGina and Hjalmar Ekdal
StillImagePhotographGiulia Lazzarini (Thea)
StillImagePhotographGlenn André Kaada (Peer Gynt) and Svein Harry Schöttker Hauge (Aase)
StillImagePhotographGlenn Goltz
StillImagePhotographGlenn Goltz and Franziska Schubert
StillImagePhotographGlenn Goltz, Franziska Schubert and Sven Fricke
StillImagePhotographGlenn Goltz, in the background: Siegfried W. Maschek, Gabriele Möller-Lukasz, Gerhard Palder and Christoph Rinke
ProjectsProjectGlobal Tours
ProjectsProjectGlobal Tours 1
ProjectsProjectGlobal Tours 2
ProjectsProjectGlobal Tours 3
ProjectsProjectGlobal Tours 4
StillImagePhotographGreer Blaise Furniss-Coates as Thea, Zoe English as Hedda and Will Bird as Lövborg
StillImagePhotographGregers and Hjalmar
StillImagePhotographGregers Werle
StillImagePhotographGregers Werle and Hedvig Ekdal
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