Name_SORTNameFirstDate_SORTFirst Date Venue_SORTVenueCountryResources
An Enemy of the People9th April 1991Sherman CymruWales 
An Enemy of the People16th April 1991Lyric Theatre HammersmithEngland 
[An Enemy of the People] (Japanese)5th June 1991Kinokuniya HallJapan 
Enta Gkampler9th September 1991Nationaltheatret BakscenenNorway 
An Enemy of the People (armenian)12th September 1991Nationaltheatret AmfiscenenNorway 
Un Ennemi du peuple15th November 1991NEST - CDN transfrontalier de Thionville-Grand EstFrance 
Espectros5th January 1992Teatro Experimental de CascaisPortugal 
An Enemy of the People9th January 1992Westside Repertory TheatreUnited States 
Un Enemigo del pueblo23rd January 1992Teatro OcampoMexico 
[Ellida - The Lady from the Sea]11th August 1992Benisan PitJapan 
The Enemy of the People3rd November 1992Agassiz TheatreUnited States 
Un enemigo del pueblo2nd January 1993Casa de Cultura de TobarraSpain 
An Enemy of the people30th January 1993Tower TheatreEngland 
Exploring Ibsen I: When We Dead Awaken16th April 1993Allen Studio TheatreUnited States 
Exploring Ibsen II: Scenes from A Doll House, Ghosts, Hedda Gabler, The Master Builder and John Gabriel Borkman17th April 1993Allen Studio TheatreUnited States 
Espectros8th October 1993Sala Pereda del Palacio de Festivales de SantanderSpain 
El niño Eyolf20th November 1993Teatro AnglosUruguay 
Ο εχθρός του λαού (O echthros tou laou)25th December 1993Theatro AlkyonisGreece 
An Enemy of the People9th February 1994The Repertory Theatre of St. LouisUnited States 
Espectros11th February 1994Ayuntamiento de SevillaSpain 
Espectros11th February 1994Teatro Lope de VegaSpain 
Espectros16th March 1994Teatro AlbénizSpain 
Enta Gkampler16th March 1994Theatro AmoreGreece 
[Ellida - The Lady from the Sea]14th July 1994Benisan PitJapan 
Ο εχθρός του λαού (O echthros tou laou)18th August 1994Theatro KatrakeioGreece 
دوژمنی گەل (An Enemy of the people) (Dojmny Gel)1995تیپی نواندنی سلێمانی Slemani performing Group (Typy nwandny Slemani)Iraq 
Eyolf (Klein Eyolf)25th January 1995BerlinGermany 
Eyolfek3rd March 1995Divadlo v ŘeznickéCzech Republic 
An Enemy of the People20th April 1995Elizabeth Walsingham Kelsey TheaterUnited States 
Un ennemi du peuple5th October 1995Maison de la Culture de Loire-AtlantiqueFrance 
Espectros16th November 1995Teatro Carlos LazoMexico 
Enta Gkampler14th December 1995Peiramatiko Theatro tis PolisGreece 
Un ennemi du peuple2nd May 1996Théâtre National de BelgiqueBelgium 
Un ennemi du peuple24th May 1996Théâtre de l´AncreBelgium 
人民公敌 (An Enemy of the People) (Renmin gongdi)1st August 1996China National Experimental TheatreChina 
Un ennemi du peuple5th November 1996La Comédie de GenèveSwitzerland 
Un ennemi du peuple28th January 1997Théâtre National de BelgiqueBelgium 
An Enemy of the People21st February 1997Synchronicity SpaceUnited States 
Un ennemi du peuple24th April 1997Centre Culturel de la Région de MonsBelgium 
Un ennemi du peuple26th April 1997Centre Culturel de L´Arrondissement de HuyBelgium 
An Enemy of the People12th September 1997Olivier TheatreEngland 
Un ennemi du peuple23rd September 1997Théâtre National de BelgiqueBelgium 
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