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Die Wildente12th November 1914Thalia-TheaterGermany 
The Wild Duck23rd January 1954Hart House TheatreCanada 
Die Wildente15th November 1981Deutsches Theater in GöttingenGermany 
The Wild Duck24th February 192548th Street Theatre (Forty-Eight Street Theatre)United States 
Die Wildente30th May 1912Residenz-Theater WiesbadenGermany 
Die Wildente7th June 1898Carl-TheaterAustria 
Die Wildente18th March 2005Alte FeuerwacheGermany 
When We Dead Awaken8th November 1962TorontoCanada 
When We Dead Awaken26th February 1929The Kenneth Sawyer Goodman Memorial Theatre (The Art Institute of Chicago)United States 
Die Wildente12th July 1906Leipziger Stadttheater, Neues TheaterGermany 
Wenn wir Toten erwachen27th April 1902Théâtre Royal du ParcBelgium 
The Wild Duck - by Simon Stone with Chris Ryan after Henrik Ibsen8th October 2014Barbican TheatreEngland 
Wróg Ludu26th September 1903Teatr MiejskiUkraine 
Die Wildente7th March 1909Powers' TheaterUnited States 
The Wild Duck23rd August 1949Brattle HallUnited States 
Wan’ou zhi jia (*玩偶之家) (A Doll's House)9th February 1962Shanghai Theatre AcademyChina 
Die Wildente17th February 1957Staatstheater BraunschweigGermany 
Wenn wir Todten erwachen5th May 1900Theater im WiesenhausGermany 
When We Dead Awaken30th November 1935Woman's Club AssemblyUnited States 
When We Dead Awaken23rd March 1990The Promenade TheatreUnited States 
Die Wildente12th December 1909Stadttheater BaselSwitzerland 
When We Dead Awaken23rd April 2022Grieghallen (Klokkeklang)Norway 
De Wilde Eend4th April 2003Theater de VesteNetherlands 
Die Wildente1st April 1914Leipziger Stadttheater, Neues TheaterGermany 
De wilde eend26th October 1956Rotterdamse SchouwburgNetherlands 
Wenn wir Toten erwachen16th January 1911Fürstliches Theater in DetmoldGermany 
The Wild DuckJanuary 1914Savoy TheatreEngland 
When We Dead Awaken11th December 1931Brattle HallUnited States 
Wenn wir Toten erwachen25th April 1907Stadttheater ZürichSwitzerland 
The Wild Duck4th March 1971Cornell University TheatreUnited States 
Die Wildente11th October 1921Neues VolkstheaterGermany 
The Wild Duck21st September 2007Shinseikan StudioJapan 
Die Wildente20th February 1959Stadt Wismar Theater Germany 
Wenn wir Toten erwachen28th May 1907Theater am FranzensplatzAustria 
When We Dead Awaken15th November 2008Teater 1, RiksteaternSweden 
The Wild Duck8th August 2003The Carriage House, Western Pennsylvania Family CenterUnited States 
Wenn wir Toten erwachen6th September 1902Deutsches TheaterGermany 
Die Wildente18th April 2011Primus-PalastGermany 
Die Wildente19th March 1909Stadttheater LeitmeritzCzech Republic 
The Wild Duck4th December 1969Adams Memorial TheatreUnited States 
Die Wildente3rd March 1932Schauspielhaus ZürichSwitzerland 
De Wilde Eend26th February 2008Stadsschouwburg GroningenNetherlands 
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