Name_SORTName FirstDate_SORTFirst DateVenue_SORTVenueCountryResources
建筑大师 (The Master Builder) (Jianzhu dashi)30th November 2010People's Art TheatreChina 
The Master Builder20th February 1893Trafalgar Square TheatreEngland 
The Master Builder6th March 1893Vaudeville TheatreEngland 
The Master Builder30th November 1894Gentlemen's Concert HallEngland 
The Master Builder21st March 1895Hooley’s TheaterUnited States 
The Master Builder17th January 1900Carnegie LyceumUnited States 
The Master Builder30th April 1905Murray Hill TheatreUnited States 
The Master Builder12th May 1905Hoyt's Madison Square TheatreUnited States 
The Master Builder3rd January 1906Orleneff’s Russian LyceumUnited States 
The Master Builder13th April 1906Berkeley Lyceum TheatreUnited States 
The Master Builder6th December 1906California ClubUnited States 
The Master Builder11th February 1907Pavilion TheatreEngland 
The Master Builder22nd April 1907Theatre RoyalEngland 
The Master Builder22nd July 1907Theatre RoyalEngland 
The Master Builder23rd August 1907The Opera HouseNorthern Ireland 
The Master Builder17th September 1907Bijou TheatreEngland 
The Master Builder23rd September 1907Bijou TheatreUnited States 
The Master Builder2nd March 1908Daly's TheatreUnited States 
The Master Builder10th March 1908Theatre RoyalEngland 
The Master Builder27th May 1908Prince's TheatreEngland 
The Master Builder24th August 1908Theatre RoyalScotland 
The Master Builder23rd September 1908Pleasure Gardens TheatreEngland 
The Master Builder18th December 1908Gaiety TheatreEngland 
The Master Builder21st January 1909Euclid Avenue Opera HouseUnited States 
The Master Builder20th February 1909Albert HallEngland 
The Master Builder16th March 1909Royal Court TheatreEngland 
The Master Builder26th September 1910Kelly's TheatreEngland 
The Master Builder29th November 1910Theatre RoyalEngland 
The Master Builder5th December 1910Lyceum TheatreEngland 
The Master Builder16th January 1911New TheatreEngland 
The Master Builder30th January 1911Hastings PierEngland 
The Master Builder7th February 1911South Parade PierEngland 
The Master Builder28th March 1911The Little TheatreEngland 
The Master Builder16th June 1911Theatre RoyalEngland 
The Master Builder15th November 1911Grand TheatreScotland 
The Master Builder24th November 1911Davidson TheaterUnited States 
The Master Builder8th April 1912Theatre RoyalScotland 
The Master Builder18th April 1912Theatre RoyalScotland 
The Master Builder31st May 1913Honesdale High schoolUnited States 
The Master Builder10th June 1913Grand TheatreEngland 
The Master Builder4th December 1913Grand TheatreEngland 
The Master Builder13th November 1914Country Club YorkUnited States 
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