Name_SORTNameFirstDate_SORTFirst DateVenue_SORTVenueCountry Resources
Hedda Gabler25th March 1965University TheatreUnited States 
Hedda Gabler25th November 1903ClarksburgUnited States 
Hedda Gabler27th June 2016Classic Stage CompanyUnited States 
Hedda Gabler9th October 1906Davis TheatreUnited States 
Hedda Gabler27th June 2003Sainer Pavilion, New College of FloridaUnited States 
Hedda Gabler22nd February 2012Mad Cow TheatreUnited States2
Hedda Gabler19th January 2017The Cutting Ball TheaterUnited States 
Hedda Gabler6th September 2001Pacific Resident TheatreUnited States 
Hedda Gabler20th January 1904Colonial TheatreUnited States 
Hedda Gabler8th February 1968Nave Theatre, Columbia UniversityUnited States 
Hedda Gabler17th January 1909New Sedalia TheatreUnited States 
Hedda Gabler21st October 2021Harlene Marley TheaterUnited States 
Hedda Gabler18th July 2002Peter Mills Theatre, Rockwell Hall, Duquesne UniversityUnited States 
Hedda Gabler4th April 2009T.B. Sheldon Performing Arts TheatreUnited States 
Hedda Gabler7th May 1923The Charter Chroniclers of Chronicle HouseUnited States 
Hedda Gabler4th July 2008Chattanooga State Humanities AuditoriumUnited States 
Hedda Gabler25th April 1997Vanguard Theatre EnsembleUnited States 
Hilda McKay1st August 1951United StatesUnited States 
Hedda Gabler2nd November 1936Hanna TheatreUnited States 
Hedda Gabler10th December 1903Opera HouseUnited States 
Hedda Gabler5th July 2012Intiman TheatreUnited States 
Hedda Gabler12th June 2009Hayworth Studio TheatreUnited States 
Hedda Gabler29th June 1947Gulf Oil BuildingUnited States 
Hedda Gabler10th November 1995Nevada Repertory CompanyUnited States 
Hedda Gabler22nd April 1904Macdonough TheatreUnited States 
Hedda Gabler12th February 2004Leepa-Rattner Museum of ArtUnited States 
Hedda Gabler2nd May 1903Willis WoodUnited States 
Hedda Gabler14th October 2005Ray Karrer Theatre For The Performing ArtsUnited States 
Hedda Gabler9th November 1960Fourth Street TheatreUnited States 
Hedda Gabler12th February 1999Scales Fine Arts CenterUnited States 
Hedda Gabler5th October 2022Irondale CenterUnited States 
Hedda: a modern version of Ibsen's Hedda Gabler by Edwin Corley20th April 1958Provincetown PlayhouseUnited States 
Hedda Gabler10th November 1899Morosco'sUnited States 
Hedda Gabler7th March 1985Faunce House Arena TheatreUnited States 
Hedda Gabler23rd November 1950Equity TheatreUnited States 
Hedda Gabler7th March 1956Lincoln Hall TheatreUnited States 
Hedda Gabler16th September 1907The KentuckyUnited States 
Hedda Gabler24th February 1948Cort TheatreUnited States 
Hedda Gabler13th November 1906Princess TheatreUnited States 
Hedda Gabler21st October 1903American tourUnited States 
Hedda Gabler15th August 2018Rec RoomUnited States 
Hedda Gabler2nd May 2008Odyssey TheatreUnited States1