Name_SORTNameFirstDate_SORTFirst DateVenue_SORTVenueCountryResources
Hedda Gabler18th February 1952Maddermarket TheatreEngland 
Hedda Gabler6th April 1914Birmingham Repertory TheatreEngland 
How to Live. A Radical Adaptation of the Later Works of Ibsen10th March 1995Watermans Art CentreEngland 
Hedda Gabler9th March 2017Olivier TheatreEngland 
Hedda Gabler26th April 2005Putney Arts TheatreEngland 
Hedda Gabler2nd September 1996Richmond TheatreEngland 
Hedda Gabler17th January 1911New TheatreEngland 
Hedda Gabler10th November 2004Kings Lynn Arts CentreEngland 
Hedda Gabler13th November 2002New Theatre RoyalEngland 
Hedda Gabler5th September 2012The Old VicEngland 
Hedda Gabler13th October 2015Upstairs at the GatehouseEngland 
Hedda Gabler30th July 1996Donmar WarehouseEngland 
Hedda Gabler6th December 1999BrightonEngland 
Hedda Gabler16th May 1977Grand TheatreEngland 
Hedda Gabler21st September 1908Pleasure Gardens TheatreEngland 
Hedda26th March 2014Dr. Johnson's HouseEngland 
Hedda Gabler1st October 1993Luton Library TheatreEngland 
Hedda Gabler24th March 2009The Alma TheatreEngland 
Hedda Gabler23rd April 2012Hoxton HallEngland1
Hedda Gabler29th May 1950Nottingham PlayhouseEngland 
Hedda Gabler30th January 2001Greenwich PlayhouseEngland 
Hedda Gabler15th December 1908Gaiety TheatreEngland 
Hedda Gabler26th March 2008New Venture TheatreEngland 
Hedda Gabler15th March 2010Richmond TheatreEngland 
Hedda Gabler6th April 1989Richardson Studio TheatreEngland 
Hedda Gabler30th October 1922Wimbledon TheatreEngland 
Hedda Gabler2nd July 1993Brewery Arts CentreEngland 
Hedda Gabler30th August 1954Theatre RoyalEngland 
Hedda Gabler31st May 2006Marine TheatreEngland 
Hedda Gabler16th March 1943Westminster TheatreEngland 
Hedda Gabler29th February 1960Cambridge Arts TheatreEngland 
Hedda Gabler22nd October 1993South Hill Park Arts CentreEngland 
Hedda Gabler16th February 1982Yvonne Arnaud TheatreEngland 
Hedda Gabler11th May 2005Nuffield TheatreEngland 
Hedda Gabler8th May 2014Yvonne Arnaud TheatreEngland 
Hedda Gabler3rd December 1957Duke of York's TheatreEngland 
Hedda Gabler3rd December 1910Theatre RoyalEngland 
Hedda Gabler26th November 1901St. George's HallEngland 
Hedda Gabler30th April 2014Roses TheatreEngland 
Hedda Gabler25th June 1993Oxford PlayhouseEngland 
Hedda Gabler6th October 1892Theatre RoyalEngland 
Hedda Gabler10th June 1958Birmingham Repertory TheatreEngland