Name_SORTNameFirstDate_SORTFirst DateVenue_SORTVenueCountry Resources
Džon Gabriel Borkman1958MoscowRussia 
Doll's House6th August 1920First Soviet Theater in the Name of LeninRussia 
Doll's House7th June 1918Theatre of Workers' ClubRussia 
Dikaâ utka (Wild Duck / Дикая утка)18th December 2021Krasnyj fakel (Red torch)Russia 
A Doll's House3rd August 2003Jurys InnScotland 
Et Dukkehjem3rd August 2000Royal Lyceum TheatreScotland 
A Dolls House17th February 2004King's TheatreScotland 
A Doll's House16th March 2004Perth TheatreScotland 
A Doll's House21st April 2004Citizen's TheatreScotland 
A Doll's House19th October 2010Dundee Rep TheatreScotland4
A Doll's House22nd October 1969Adam House TheatreScotland 
Et dukkehjem - fritt etter Henrik Ibsen2nd July 2010EdinburghScotland 
A Doll's House16th April 2013Royal Lyceum TheatreScotland 
DEAD6th August 2010The Space on the Mile (V39)Scotland 
A Doll's House2nd August 1897Her Majesty's TheatreScotland 
A Doll's House24th November 1890Theatre RoyalScotland 
A Doll's House29th March 1909Royalty TheatreScotland 
A Doll's House25th August 1908Theatre RoyalScotland 
A Doll's House19th June 2015Cumbernauld TheatreScotland 
A Doll's House14th November 1911Grand TheatreScotland 
A Doll's House10th April 1912Theatre RoyalScotland 
A Doll's House17th April 1912Theatre RoyalScotland 
Divlja patka23rd May 1991Narodno pozorište u Beogradu (The National Theatre in Belgrade)Serbia 
Divlja patka3rd January 1935Narodno pozorište u Beogradu (The National Theatre in Belgrade)Serbia 
Divlja patka (The Wild Duck)16th March 1951Novi SadSerbia 
Divlja patka (The Wild Duck)26th May 1989Narodno pozorište Sombor (Sombor National Theatre)Serbia 
Divlja patka1984SerbiaSerbia 
Divá kačka23rd November 1990Slovenské národné divadloSlovak Republic 
Divá kačka11th June 2011Divadlo Jána Palárika v TrnaveSlovak Republic4
Divá kačka21st September 2011Divadlo Jána Palárika v TrnaveSlovak Republic 
Divá kacka23rd October 1972BratislavaSlovak Republic 
Divja raca4th January 1928Narodno gledališče LjubljanaSlovenia 
Divja raca12th January 1929Narodno gledališče MariborSlovenia 
Divja račka21st September 2000Mestno gledališče ljubljanskoSlovenia 
Nora3rd March 2023Mestno gledališče ljubljanskoSlovenia 
A Doll's House31st May 1995Baxter StudioSouth Africa 
A Doll's House8th May 1990Market TheatreSouth Africa 
A Doll's House10th July 2015Rhodes University TheatreSouth Africa 
A Doll's House15th March 2016Rhodes University TheatreSouth Africa 
A Doll's House1925SeoulSouth Korea 
A Doll's House1934SeoulSouth Korea 
A Doll's House30th November 2012White Box TheatreSouth Korea