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ID - Identity of the Soul. A cinematic live performance about revenge, reconciliation and the individual, based on Ibsen’s poem Terje Vigen and Darwish’s A Soldier Dreams of White Lilies9th October 2008UNRWA SchoolPalestinian Territories 
O inimigo do povo7th November 1997Teatro Municipal Sá de MirandaPortugal 
Un inimigo do povo27th March 2007Teatro Garcia de ResendePortugal 
Un inimigo do povo17th February 2007Centro Cultural de RedondoPortugal 
O inimigo do povo2nd December 1997Teatro Municipal Sá de MirandaPortugal 
Un inimigo do povo12th October 2006Teatro Garcia de ResendePortugal2
Um inimigo do povo31st May 1972Teatro CapitólioPortugal 
Um Inimigo do Povo30th October 2013Teatro da ComunaPortugal 
Un inimigo do povo14th April 2007Teatro Curvo SemedoPortugal 
O inimigo do povo5th February 1998Teatro CircoPortugal 
Un inimigo do povo9th February 2007Teatro da MalapostaPortugal 
Um Inimigo do Povo8th February 2014Teatro Municipal Joaquim BenitePortugal 
Un inimigo do povo1st March 2007Teatro Municipal de AlmadaPortugal 
ID - Identity of the Soul14th May 2009MIA - Museum of Islamic ArtQatar 
Ibsen Incorporated4th June 2015Teatrul de ComedieRomania 
Inamicul poporului6th October 2015BucharestRomania 
Ibsen Incorporated11th May 2016Teatrul de Stat din Arad (Teatrul Clasic Ioan Slavici )Romania 
Inamicul poporului9th November 2016Cluj-NapocaRomania 
Ibsen Incorporated6th October 2015Teatrul pentru Copii și Tineret "Luceafărul"Romania 
Inamicul poporului12th December 2015Centrul Național al DansuluiRomania 
Ibsen Incorporated6th October 2015BucharestRomania 
Inamicul poporului30th September 2015Teatrul Foarte MicRomania 
Ibsen: Gespenster6th July 2016SOTA Studio Theatre SingaporeSingapore 
Inger Östråtin rouva1916Uusi TeatteriSweden 
Ibsens lille Eyolf - av Jens Peter Karlsson (en parafras på Henrik Ibsens Lille Eyolf)5th August 2008Skillinge TeaterSweden 
Ibsen 2010: Lille Eyolf2nd October 2010Stockholms StadsteaterSweden5
Ibsen 2010: Rosmersholm2nd October 2010Stockholms StadsteaterSweden4
Ibsendekonstruktion 1: Gengångare12th February 2010Teatr WeimarSweden5
Ibsen 2010: Byggmästare Solness2nd October 2010Stockholms StadsteaterSweden4
Ibsendekonstruktion 1: Gengångare11th December 2010DramatenSweden 
Ibsen: Gespenster17th September 2015ROXYSwitzerland 
Ibsen: Gespenster16th January 2015Gessnerallee ZürichSwitzerland 
Ibsen / Stalder: Wyssi Ross - Nach «Rosmersholm»22nd November 2008RüttihubelbadSwitzerland 
Ibsen: John Gabriel Borkman18th March 2014ROXYSwitzerland 
Ibsen / Stalder: Wyssi Ross - Nach «Rosmersholm»24th January 2009Casino-TheaterSwitzerland 
Ibsen, Bach & What Interferes with Love!21st October 2001Aesthetic Realism FoundationUnited States 
Imagine Home3rd August 2011Wade Oval WednesdayUnited States 
Imagine Home7th August 2011Fairview ParkUnited States 
Imagine Home1st August 2011St. Stanislaus ChurchUnited States 
Imagine Home28th July 2011Herman ParkUnited States 
Ibsen Women - Put an eagle in a cageApril 1989Yale University, Whitney Humanities CenterUnited States 
IBSEN/FOSSE 2006 Rosmersholm4th August 200659E59 TheatersUnited States 
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