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A Doll's House: Wild Rose4th April 2019Motel TheatreCanada 
The Wild Duck25th February 1963CanadaCanada 
Wan’ou zhi jia (A Doll's House / 玩偶之家)December 2006Shanghai Spoken Drama Arts CenterChina 
Wan’ou zhi jia (玩偶之家) (A Doll's House)9th February 1962Shanghai Theatre AcademyChina 
Wan’ou zhi jia (A Doll's House / 玩偶之家)23rd March 1935ShanghaiChina 
野鸭 (The Wild Duck) (Ye Ya)24th October 2010Science and Technology Building, Gulou CampusChina 
野鸭·女孩 (Hedvig from The Wild Duck) (Yeya Nvhai)23rd July 2013PLA TheaterChina 
当我们死者醒来 (When We Dead Awaken) (Dang Women Sizhe Xinglai)25th April 2015Star Theater (Xing Kong Juchang)China 
当我们死者醒来 (When We Dead Awaken) (Dang Women Sizhe Xinglai)15th October 2008Xiahe MicangChina 
Wróg ludu18th October 2016Wuzhen Theatre FestivalChina 
Wenn wir Todten erwachen15th March 1901Neues Deutsches TheaterCzech Republic 
Die Wildente30th March 1908Neues Deutsches TheaterCzech Republic 
Die Wildente3rd December 1917Stadttheater in TroppauCzech Republic 
Die Wildente13th April 1897Stadttheater BrünnCzech Republic 
Wenn wir Toten erwachen4th June 1904Stadttheater BrünnCzech Republic 
Die Wildente5th July 1897Deutsches VolkstheaterCzech Republic 
Wenn wir Todten erwachen5th May 1901Königlich Städtisches Theater OlmützCzech Republic 
Wenn wir Toten erwachen2nd May 1912Königlich Städtisches Theater OlmützCzech Republic 
Die Wildente9th March 1899Stadttheater TeplitzCzech Republic 
Wenn wir Todten erwachen2nd March 1901Stadttheater TeplitzCzech Republic 
Die Wildente8th February 1908Stadttheater TeplitzCzech Republic 
Wróg ludu25th April 2016Divadlo pod PalmovkouCzech Republic 
Die Wildente13th January 1908Stadttheater ReichenbergCzech Republic 
Wenn wir Toten erwachen14th March 1905Deutsches Theater PilsenCzech Republic 
Die Wildente18th January 1917Königlich Städtisches Theater OlmützCzech Republic 
Die Wildente19th March 1909Stadttheater LeitmeritzCzech Republic 
The Wild Duck15th June 2006Hanager TheatreEgypt1
The Wild Duck1st July 2006Al Salaam TheatreEgypt 
The Wild Duck5th July 2006Jesuite TheatreEgypt 
The Wild Duck9th July 2006AlexandriaEgypt 
The Wild Duck15th July 2006Metro Ball TheatreEgypt 
The Wild Doll ( / بيت الدمية)29th May 2023Rod Al-Farag Cultural Center (قصر ثقافة روض الفرج)Egypt 
The Wild Duck4th May 1894Royalty TheatreEngland 
The Wild Duck17th May 1897The Globe TheatreEngland 
When We Dead Awaken25th January 1903Imperial TheatreEngland 
Die Wildente3rd March 1905Great Queen Street TheatreEngland 
The Wild Duck17th October 1905Royal Court TheatreEngland 
When We Dead Awaken5th June 1910Rehearsal TheatreEngland 
The Wild Duck7th April 1983Royal Exchange TheatreEngland 
When We Dead Awaken15th February 1990Almeida TheatreEngland 
When We Dead Awaken23rd October 2008Unity TheatreEngland 
When We Dead Awaken17th December 1911Rehearsal TheatreEngland 
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