Name_SORTNameFirstDate_SORTFirst DateVenue_SORTVenueCountryResources
Bohubrihee (Trans-creation of Ibsen´s "The Master Builder")22nd September 2003B.C.Pal AuditoriumIndia 
Brand22nd May 1962Theatre RoyalEngland 
Brúðuheimili24th November 1932IðnóIceland 
Brand1st March 1950Kungliga Dramatiska TeaternSweden 
Byggmästare Solness9th October 1936LidköpingSweden 
Brand18th March 1971SkjåkNorway 
Brand27th March 1928Moss HotelNorway 
Breaking The Pot22nd April 2006Chancellors CollegeMalawi 
Baumeister Solness14th January 2003Stadttheater BielSwitzerland 
Brand22nd March 1910Brooklyn Academy of MusicUnited States 
Baumeister Solneß2nd March 1898VolkstheaterGermany 
Brand10th November 2016Notodden kirkeNorway 
Byggmester Solness11th March 2013VerdensteatretNorway 
Byggmästare Solness10th March 1991FalunSweden 
Bhanwar - an Urdu adaptation of Ibsen's The Wild Duck17th May 2006IslamabadPakistan 
Brand (Act IV)14th March 1910New TheatreUnited States 
Bygmester Solness29th January 1961Mjølner SamfunnshusNorway 
Die Burgfrau von Oestrot14th November 1888Volkstheater BerlinGermany 
Brand3rd February 2018Bamble kirkeNorway 
Byggmästare Solness1st March 1991EskilstunaSweden 
Baumeister Solneß30th December 1915Stadttheater BaselSwitzerland 
Brand10th February 1978Elizabeth Walsingham Kelsey TheaterUnited States 
Breaking The Pot13th June 2006Maghemo Secondary SchoolMalawi 
Byggmester Solness17th February 2003Agder Teater (Hovedscenen)Norway 
Bunohansh27th October 2009Nat-Mandal, University of DhakaBangladesh 
Baumeister Solneß18th January 1894Herzogliches HoftheaterGermany 
Baumeister Solneß1st September 1900Lobe-TheaterPoland 
Baumeister Solness23rd January 2003Stadthalle LangenGermany 
Budowniczy Solness8th October 1917Sala Towarzystwa MuzycznegoPoland 
Brand3rd October 2006Kotkan KaupunginteatteriFinland 
Byggmästare Solness1st October 1936BorlängeSweden 
Brand6th March 1971BremnesNorway 
Baumeister Solness30th November 2002SchulzentrumGermany 
Brand - Dramatisk Digt i 5 Akter (8 Tableauer)15th May 1896FolketeatretDenmark 
Baumeister Solness6th September 1920KurhausbühneGermany 
Brand27th October 2016Vestre Porsgrunn kirkeNorway 
Byggmester Solness10th March 2003Fjordane FolkehøgskuleNorway 
Brand1st April 2005Théâtre du NordFrance 
Byggmästare Solness29th October 1919Åbo Svenska TeaterFinland 
Byggmästar Solness15th November 1893Svenska TeaternFinland 
Baumeister Solness14th October 2006Stadttheater FürthGermany 
Byggmästare Solness18th October 1936Malmö TeaterSweden