Name_SORTNameFirstDate_SORTFirst Date Venue_SORTVenueCountryResources
Armiku i Popullit/Народен Непријател (Naroden Neprijatel)15th October 2022National Theatre of Tetovo (Teatri I Tetovës/Народен Театар во Тетово)Macedonia 
An Enemy of the People10th November 2022Havens AuditoriumUnited States of America 
Espectros27th January 2023Sala Margarita Xirgu del Teatro EspañolSpain 
Un ennemi du peuple9th March 2023Théâtre Jean-ArpFrance 
Ein Volksfeind1st April 2023Stadttheater BernSwitzerland 
Emperor and Galilean2nd July 2023BBC Radio 3England 
An Enemy of the People9th November 2023Keble O'Reilly TheatreEngland 
Un ennemi du peuple14th November 2023Théâtre Auditorium de Poitiers (TAP - Teatro Auditorio de Poitiers (Théâtre Auditorium de Poitiers))France1
Enta Gampler (Hedda Gabler / Έντα Γκάμπλερ)1st December 2023Theater TGreece 
Enemy of the People (Enemy of the People / एनिमी ऑफ द पीपल)9th January 2024Jawahar kala kendraIndia1
An Enemy of the People6th February 2024Duke of York's TheatreEngland1
An Enemy of the People16th February 2024Saint Sebastian Players TheatreUnited States of America1
An Enemy of the People27th February 2024Circle in the Square TheatreUnited States of America3
Estudo para Fantasmas16th March 2024Teatro Sérgio CardosoBrazil 
Enas echthros tou laou (An Enemy of the People / Ένας εχθρός του λαού)9th May 2024Rektifie theatre – Research centre for mixed performing artsGreece1
Un enemigo del pueblo31st May 2024Sala BorjaSpain 
Enas echthros tou laou (An Enemy of the People / Ένας εχθρός του λαού)1st June 2024Di.Pe.Thee. Agriniou (Municipal Theater of Agrinio)Greece1
Enemy of the people12th June 2024TKTS Times SquareUnited States of America1
El enemigo del pueblo22nd July 2024Foro ShakespeareMexico