Name_SORTNameFirstDate_SORTFirst DateVenue_SORTVenueCountryResources
A Doll's House9th May 1910Theatre RoyalEngland 
Et Dukkehjem6th September 2009Pendelsalen i HisnakulNorway 
La Dama del Mar19th May 2006Centro Cultural HelénicoMexico 
Et Dukkehjem19th November 1909Bramming TeaterDenmark 
A Doll's House16th October 2009Palm Beach DramaworksUnited States 
A Doll House30th July 2004No Limits TheatreUnited States 
Et Dukkehjem7th July 1900Arbeidersamfundets LokaleNorway 
Et Dukkehjem25th November 1907Teatret i KallundborgDenmark 
Et Dukkehjem20th May 1954Nationaltheatret HovedscenenNorway 
A Doll's House17th October 2007The Loft Theatre - Main HouseEngland 
A Doll's House30th November 1904Opera HouseUnited States 
Ett Dockhem17th December 1979Det Kongelige TeaterDenmark 
Et dukkehjem30th January 2016Rogaland Teater (Hovedscenen)Norway 
Double Nora10th December 2013Umewaka Nohgaku Gakuin Kaikan TheaterJapan 
A Doll's House9th April 2010The Gaslight TheaterUnited States 
Donna del mare - di Susan Sontag - da Henrik Ibsen4th February 1999Teatro ManzoniItaly 
A Doll's House16th February 2011The Gryphon TheatreNew Zealand 
A Doll's House20th June 1889Theatre RoyalEngland 
A Doll's House4th October 2000High Institute of Art's TheatreSyria 
La donna del mare3rd December 1921Teatro San CarloItaly 
Die Stützen der Gesellschaft20th November 1892Stadttheater MetzFrance 
A Doll's House16th July 1999Courtyard TheatreEngland 
Et Dukkehjem14th October 1990LillehammerNorway 
The Doll's House3rd December 1923LondonEngland 
Die Wildente1st October 1977Württembergische Staatstheater StuttgartGermany 
Et DukkehjemMay 1880SchleswigGermany 
Dzika kaczka14th April 1957Narodowy Stary Teatr im. Heleny ModrzejewskiejPoland 
Die Frauen vom Meer17th February 2018Theater RambaZambaGermany 
Det vidunderlige - et enakters skuespill inspirert av «Et dukkehjem» (The wonderful - a one act play inspired by "A Doll's House")5th September 2010IbsenmuseetNorway 
Die Wildente17th November 1962Stadttheater LandshutGermany 
Ett Dockhem12th December 1993HallundaSweden 
A Doll's House14th May 2006Nat-Mandal, University of DhakaBangladesh 
Et dukkehjem12th October 2009Modum KulturhusetNorway 
Divata patica (The Wild Duck)12th October 2018Naroden teatar Ivan Vazov (The Ivan Vazov National Theater)Bulgaria 
Et Dukkehjem4th June 1957BergenNorway 
Et Dukkehjem22nd September 1989Munken kinoNorway 
Et Dukkehjem24th May 1956Det Nye TeaterNorway 
A Doll's House14th December 1895Grand Opera HouseUnited States 
A Doll's House (Japanese)25th August 1977Haiyuza Theatre (Actors' Theatre)Japan 
Die Frau vom Meer17th November 2017Staatstheater BraunschweigGermany 
A Doll's House4th November 1936Northwestern University TheatreUnited States 
Drenkeldode naar Kleine Eyolf1st December 2009Schouwburg het ParkNetherlands