Name_SORTNameFirstDate_SORTFirst DateVenue_SORTVenue CountryResources
Brand. Mein Gott ist Sturm - von Armin Petras nach Henrik Ibsen11th September 2008Thalia in der GaußstraßeGermany 
Babaotthon16th December 1982Thália SzínházSlovak Republic 
Der Bund der Jugend1st September 1915Thalia-TheaterGermany 
Baumeister Solneß11th January 1918Thalia-TheaterGermany 
Baumeister Solneß11th September 1902Thalia-TheaterGermany 
Baumeister Solneß10th October 1900Thalia-Theater BreslauPoland 
blahblahblahBANG (a pistol fit in one act) - based on Hedda Gabler by Henrik Ibsen13th December 2007The Behnke Center for Contemporary PerformanceUnited States 
Beata - after Austin Fryers' «Rosmer of Rosmersholm»19th April 1892The Globe TheatreEngland 
Boged (Traitor): An Enemy of the People12th January 2013The Gonda TheatreUnited States 
Banooye Daryaee - Keshti e Sheytan (The Devil's Ship)25th August 2008The HubScotland 
Bohubrihee (The Master Builder)25th March 2007The Little Theatre Group AuditoriumIndia 
Brand IV (Brand)1st April 1910The New Theatre of BrooklynUnited States 
Beifanglaidewuai - Yingzaod24th May 2013The Performing Arts Center, Taipei National University of ArtsTaiwan 
BrandApril 1964The Questors PlayhouseEngland 
Brand18th April 2003The Swan TheatreEngland 
Brand9th October 2000The Young VicEngland 
Baumeister Solneß27th May 1907Theater am FranzensplatzAustria 
Baumeister Solneß4th February 1909Theater am FranzensplatzAustria 
Baumeister Solness24th November 2018Theater am MarktGermany 
Baumeister Solness16th March 2001Theater am StadtgartenSwitzerland 
Bouwmeester Solness24th March 2012Theater de EnckNetherlands 
Bouwmeester Solness8th March 2012Theater de KunstgreepNetherlands 
Bouwmeester Solness16th March 2012Theater de VesteNetherlands 
Baumeister Solness22nd January 2003Theater der Stadt DiepholzGermany 
Baumeister Solness18th December 2002Theater der Stadt GummersbachGermany 
Baumeister Solneß11th April 1929Theater der Stadt JenaGermany 
Baumeister Solness3rd September 1948Theater Die Auslese HamburgGermany 
Baumeister Solness28th November 2002Theater DürenGermany 
Bouwmeester Solness17th April 2012Theater HofpleinNetherlands 
Baumeister Solness21st August 1999Theater im BauturmGermany 
Der Bund der Jugend29th December 1914Theater in Baden-BadenGermany 
Baumeister Solneß31st January 1918Theater in Baden-BadenGermany 
Brand31st July 1900Theater in der JosefstadtAustria 
Baumeister Solneß7th May 1907Theater in der JosefstadtAustria 
Brand23rd January 1913Theater in der Königgrätzer StraßeGermany 
Baumeister Solneß4th September 1920Theater in der Königgrätzer StraßeGermany 
Baumeister Solness8th March 2001Theater in der StadthalleGermany 
Baumeister Solness15th November 1997Theater Junge GenerationGermany 
Bouwmeester Solness12th April 2012Theater JunushoffNetherlands 
Baumeister Solness1st July 2017Theater ReichenauAustria 
Bouwmeester Solness10th April 1995Theater TinnenpotBelgium 
Bouwmeester Solness22nd February 1995Theater ZuidpoolBelgium