Name_SORTName FirstDate_SORTFirst DateVenue_SORTVenueCountryResources
Spettri22nd March 1893Teatro dei RozziItaly 
Spettri21st March 1893CagliariItaly 
Spettri15th March 1893Teatro GoldoniItaly 
Spettri28th December 1892Teatro GerbinoItaly 
Spettri11th December 1892Teatro BelliniItaly 
Spettri5th December 1892Teatro ValleItaly 
Spettri29th September 1892AnconaItaly 
Spettri4th August 1892BolognaItaly 
Spettri23rd June 1892CataniaItaly 
Spettri12th June 1892Arena NazionaleItaly 
Spettri11th June 1892Teatro CommendaItaly 
Spettri13th May 1892Teatro FiorentiniItaly 
Spettri22nd February 1892Teatro ManzoniItaly1
Spettri Teatro ManzoniItaly 
Spettri (Ghosts)9th April 1924Masonic HallUnited States 
Spettri (Ghosts)1st January 1924Chicago AuditoriumUnited States 
Spettri (Ghosts)6th November 1923Century TheatreUnited States 
Spettri (Ghosts)12th June 1923New Theatre OxfordEngland 
Speed Hedda - based upon the play "Hedda Gabler" by Henrik Ibsen17th January 2002La MaMa Experimental Theatre ClubUnited States 
Speed Hedda - based upon the play "Hedda Gabler" by Henrik Ibsen5th September 2000Evidence RoomUnited States 
Sovražnik ljudstva28th January 2012Slovensko Stalno Gledališče TrstItaly 
Sovražnik ljudstva25th January 2012Mestno gledališče ljubljanskoSlovenia 
Sovražnik ljudstva2nd December 2010Slovensko Narodno Gledališče Nova GoricaSlovenia4
Sovražnik ljudstva3rd April 1970Slovensko ljudsko gledališče CeljeSlovenia 
Sovražnik ljudstva14th February 1922Narodno gledališče MariborSlovenia 
Sovražnik ljudstva30th January 1906Deželno gledališčeSlovenia 
Les Soutiens de la Société23rd June 1896Nouveau ThéâtreFrance 
Sounding - loosely inspired by Ibsen’s Lady from the Sea17th February 2010HERE Arts CenterUnited States 
Sounding - loosely inspired by Ibsen’s Lady from the Sea26th January 2009HERE Arts CenterUnited States 
Soria Moria - Das Leben ein Märchen... oder nicht25th May 2002Theater Junge GenerationGermany 
Sonntagsluft10th February 2005GermanyGermany 
Some Stage Directions for Henrik Ibsen’s John Gabriel Borkman4th December 2009Meghdoot III Exhibition HallIndia 
Solveigs 2. sang8th October 2017StorstuaNorway 
Solveigs 2. sang7th October 2017Tynset KulturhusNorway 
Solveigs 2. sang6th October 2017Milepelen, SandNorway 
Solveigs 2. sang5th October 2017Elverum kulturhusNorway 
Solveigs 2. sang4th October 2017RådhusteatretNorway 
Solveigs 2. sang1st October 2017Utgard fleirbrukshusNorway 
Solveigs 2. sang30th September 2017Otta kulturhusNorway 
Solveigs 2. sang27th September 2017MaihaugsalenNorway 
Solveigs 2. sang26th September 2017Søndre Land RådhusNorway 
Solveigs 2. sang24th September 2017Fyrverkeriet kulturhus, Vestre TotenNorway