Name_SORTNameFirstDate_SORTFirst DateVenue_SORTVenue CountryResources
The Master Builder14th February 1961Bromley Little TheatreEngland 
Micul Eyolf2008BucharestRomania 
The Master Builder2nd November 1999Buxton Opera HouseEngland 
Die Meerfrau3rd March 1988Bühnen der Stadt GeraGermany 
The Master Builder6th December 1906California ClubUnited States 
The Master Builder12th October 1999Cambridge Arts TheatreEngland 
The Master Builder16th July 1979Cambridge Arts TheatreEngland 
The Master Builder18th November 1964CanadaCanada 
Maison de Poupée19th January 1906Carl-TheaterAustria 
Myth-o-maniac - Inspired by Henrik Ibsen´s PEER GYNT (Part 1 of the PEER GYNT PROJECT)25th November 2005Carlo TheatreUnited States 
The Master Builder17th January 1900Carnegie LyceumUnited States 
Maison de poupée5th October 1897CasinoteatretDenmark 
Matthäuspassion (Triptychon: Brand etc.)18th September 2008Centraltheater LeipzigGermany 
Une Maison de poupée4th October 2020Centre culturel de Mont-sur-MarchienneBelgium 
Maison de Poupée28th February 2003Centre d'Art et de CultureFrance 
Maison de Poupee1975Centre d'Etudes ThéâtralesBelgium 
Une Maison de poupée28th April 2017Centre Dramatique Régional de Tours Nouvel OlympiaFrance 
The Master Builder10th March 2002Century Center for the Performing ArtsUnited States 
The Master Builder17th January 1927Century TheatreEngland 
استاد معمار (The Master Builder)2006Channel 4, IRIB National TVIran 
The Master Builder28th April 1936Charles S. Brooks TheatreUnited States 
Master-Builder Solness25th May 1950Cherry Lane TheatreUnited States 
The Master Builder10th March 1995Circa TheatreNew Zealand 
The Master Builder8th December 1976Citadel TheatreCanada 
The Master Builder1st November 1926Civic Repertory TheatreUnited States 
The Master Builder9th May 2010Clurman Theatre at Theatre RowUnited States 
Maison de Poupee16th February 1991Comédie CaumartinFrance 
Maison de Poupée9th December 1952Comédie CaumartinFrance 
Maison de Poupée16th March 2011Comédie Claude VolterBelgium 
Une Maison de poupée9th October 2018Comédie de Caen - Centre dramatique national de NormandieFrance 
Une Maison de poupées22nd March 2010Comédie de Colmar - Centre dramatique national Grand Est AlsaceFrance 
The Master Builder16th April 2015Commonweal TheatreUnited States 
Et Mobilt Dukkehjem10th September 2014CopenhagenDenmark 
Et Mobilt Dukkehjem2nd September 2014CopenhagenDenmark 
Et Mobilt Dukkehjem26th September 2014CopenhagenDenmark 
Et Mobilt Dukkehjem16th September 2014CopenhagenDenmark 
Et Mobilt Dukkehjem3rd October 2014CopenhagenDenmark 
Et Mobilt Dukkehjem2nd September 2014CopenhagenDenmark 
Et Mobilt Dukkehjem23rd September 2014CopenhagenDenmark 
Et Mobilt Dukkehjem12th September 2014CopenhagenDenmark 
Et Mobilt Dukkehjem30th September 2014CopenhagenDenmark 
Et Mobilt Dukkehjem5th September 2014CopenhagenDenmark 
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