Name_SORTNameFirstDate_SORTFirst DateVenue_SORTVenue CountryResources
Ein Volksfeind2nd June 2011Neues Schauspielhaus BremenGermany3
Ein Volksfeind1st September 1911Neues Stadttheater ChemnitzGermany 
Ein Volksfeind30th March 1916Neues Stadttheater ChemnitzGermany 
Ein Volksfeind12th October 2012Neues TheaterGermany5
Ein Volksfeind13th September 1894Neues TheaterGermany 
Ein Volksfeind28th March 1894Neues TheaterGermany 
Ein Volksfeind23rd October 1998Neues Theater HalleGermany 
Volksfeind14th February 2015Neues Theater HalleGermany 
A Vast Wreck - by Richard Caliban15th April 1993New York CityUnited States 
The Vikings (The Warriors at Helgeland)12th May 1930New Yorker TheatreUnited States 
The Vikings at Helgeland13th May 1912Nixon TheaterUnited States 
Vildanden31st January 1958NordfjordeidNorway 
Ein Volksfeind5th April 2011NordhornGermany 
Vildanden12th March 2009Nordisk Institutt for Scene og Studio (NISS)Norway 
Vildanden15th October 1973Nordmøre FolkehøgskoleNorway 
Vildanden29th March 2001NordreisaNorway 
Vildanden27th April 2002NotoddenNorway 
Villanden26th November 2009Notodden TeaterNorway 
Vildanden17th October 2013Notodden TeaterNorway 
Vildanden27th March 2005NRK 1 (Norge)Norway 
Vildanden8th September 1970NRK Fjernsyn (Norge)Norway1
Vildanden14th January 1979NRK Fjernsyn (Norge)Norway1
Vildanden17th September 2000NRK P2 (Norge)Norway 
Vildanden22nd May 1949NRK Radio (Norge)Norway 
Vildanden1st November 1960NRK Radio (Norge)Norway 
Vildanden12th March 1968NRK Radio (Norge)Norway 
Vildanden24th April 1952NRK Radio (Norge)Norway 
Vildanden4th October 2002Ny Holte SkoleDenmark 
Vildanden24th October 2002Ny RidehusDenmark 
Vildanden16th January 1885Nya TeaternFinland 
Vildanden21st May 1886Nya TeaternFinland 
A vadkacsa2nd May 1932NyíregyházaHungary 
A vadkacsa25th January 1927NyíregyházaHungary 
A vadkacsa5th February 1938NyíregyházaHungary 
Vildanden16th October 1906NykjøbingDenmark1
Vildanden8th October 1909NykjøbingDenmark 
Vildanden19th September 2013Nærøy KulturhusNorway 
Vildanden3rd November 1905Næstved TeaterDenmark 
Vildanden30th October 2002Nørre Nissum Seminarium og HF-KursusDenmark 
Vildanden26th February 1985Nørrebros TeaterDenmark 
Vildanden - et rettsdrama9th March 2020Nøtterøy KulturhusNorway