Name_SORTNameFirstDate_SORTFirst DateVenue_SORTVenue CountryResources
Une Maison de poupée13th December 2016Théâtre National de BelgiqueBelgium 
Une Maison de Poupee28th May 1997Théâtre National de BretagneFrance 
Une maison de poupée6th February 2010Théâtre National de BretagneFrance 
Mabou Mines Dollhouse27th September 2005Théâtre National de la CollineFrance 
Une Maison de poupée10th January 1990Théâtre National de NiceFrance 
Mabou Mines Dollhouse12th October 2005Théâtre National de StrasbourgFrance 
Mabou Mines Dollhouse5th October 2005Théâtre National PopulaireFrance 
Une Maison de poupée15th January 2015Théâtre Octave MirbeauFrance 
The Master Builder22nd July 1907Theatre RoyalEngland 
The Master Builder18th September 1995Theatre RoyalEngland 
The Master Builder29th November 1910Theatre RoyalEngland 
The Master Builder18th April 1912Theatre RoyalScotland 
The Master Builder22nd April 1907Theatre RoyalEngland 
The Master Builder24th August 1908Theatre RoyalScotland 
The Master Builder16th June 1911Theatre RoyalEngland 
The Master Builder19th June 1972Theatre RoyalEngland 
The Master Builder19th June 1979Theatre RoyalScotland 
The Master Builder8th April 1912Theatre RoyalScotland 
The Master Builder10th March 1908Theatre RoyalEngland 
The Master Builder26th May 2003Theatre RoyalEngland 
Maison de poupée18th June 1903Theatre RoyalIreland 
Maison de poupée2nd October 1897Théâtre Royal du ParcBelgium 
Une Maison de poupée3rd June 2021Théâtre Royal du ParcBelgium 
The Master Builder13th October 1995Theatre Royal HaymarketEngland 
Maison de poupée1st February 2011Theatre Saint-MichelBelgium 
Maison de Poupée23rd October 1931Théâtre Tristan Bernard (Théâtre Albert-Ier)France 
Maison de Poupée24th January 1908Theatre VarieteTurkey 
Mikros Eyolf11th January 2002Theatro AvlaiaGreece 
O mikros Egiolf18th January 2012Theatro KampereioGreece 
Maison de Poupée24th January 1906Theatro MnimatakionTurkey 
Mia fantasia pano sti Nora tou Ipsen4th May 2006Theatro Odou AntioxeiasGreece 
Mikros Egiolf14th June 2012Theatro PortaGreece 
O mikros Eyolf7th March 2003Theatro PraxisCyprus 
Mikros Egiolf20th December 1991Theatro sto palio typografeio tou EmprosGreece 
O mikros Eyolf27th January 1943Theatro VretaniaGreece 
The Master Builder20th February 1893Trafalgar Square TheatreEngland 
Myth-o-maniac - Inspired by Henrik Ibsen´s PEER GYNT (Part 1 of the PEER GYNT PROJECT)8th December 2005Trinity Valley SchoolUnited States 
The Master Builder25th September 1997Tristan Bates TheatreEngland 
Une Maison de poupée20th February 2018TU-NantesFrance 
The Master Builder20th June 1968Tyrone Guthrie TheaterUnited States 
The Master Builder31st August 1960Union Hall, University of AdelaideAustralia 
The Master Builder12th December 1928Unitarian Assembly TheatreUnited States 
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