Name_SORTNameFirstDate_SORTFirst DateVenue_SORTVenueCountry Resources
Brand (Act IV)14th March 1910New TheatreUnited States 
Brand29th October 1985CSC Repertory TheatreUnited States 
Brand3rd January 1912Garibaldi HallUnited States 
Brand10th February 1978Elizabeth Walsingham Kelsey TheaterUnited States 
Brand24th April 1942Ytterboe auditoriumUnited States 
Brand29th September 2011St. Peter’s Episcopal ChurchUnited States 
Brand12th January 1910Cumnock HallUnited States 
Brand2nd April 1914Cable HallUnited States 
Boged (Traitor): An Enemy of the People12th January 2013The Gonda TheatreUnited States 
Brand4th November 2014Commonweal TheatreUnited States 
Brand28th January 1979Impossible Ragtime TheaterUnited States 
Brand3rd February 1966Scott Hall AuditoriumUnited States 
Brand IV (Brand)1st April 1910The New Theatre of BrooklynUnited States 
blahblahblahBANG (a pistol fit in one act) - based on Hedda Gabler by Henrik Ibsen13th December 2007The Behnke Center for Contemporary PerformanceUnited States 
Brand2nd March 1984Festival TheaterUnited States 
Brand11th February 1896Edith Sears' homeUnited States 
Brand23rd January 1912Garibaldi HallUnited States 
Big Fat Liar - part 2 of the PEER GYNT PROJECT22nd June 2006Carlo TheatreUnited States 
Brand20th August 1961United StatesUnited States 
Brand26th September 2002Potrero Hill PlayhouseUnited States 
Baumeister Solness27th February 1948Barbizon-Plaza TheatreUnited States 
Brand22nd March 1910Brooklyn Academy of MusicUnited States 
Brand4th May 1914Civic Centre BismarckUnited States 
Brand - 4th Act31st March 1907Garrick TheatreUnited States 
Brand2nd May 1892Lyceum TheatreUnited States 
Brand28th May 1928Yale Repertory Theatre, University TheatreUnited States 
Brand5th February 1912Teatr MiejskiUkraine 
Budowniczy Solness2nd October 1907Teatr MiejskiUkraine 
Ben Kimim? Peer Gynt28th February 2010İş Sanat Kültür MerkeziTurkey3
Beauty to HellJune 2005Chulalongkorn UniversityThailand 
Beauty to Hell22nd October 2005Bangkok International Fashion AcademyThailand 
Beauty to Hell21st June 2005Silpakorn University, Thrupkaew campusThailand 
Beauty to HellAugust 2005Burapha UniversityThailand 
Beauty to Hell27th May 20058X8 TheatreThailand2
Beifanglaidewuai - Yingzaod24th May 2013The Performing Arts Center, Taipei National University of ArtsTaiwan 
Baumeister Solness1st April 2001Stadthofsaal UsterSwitzerland 
Baumeister Solness17th March 2001Kurtheater BadenSwitzerland 
Baumeister Solness12th September 1946Schauspielhaus ZürichSwitzerland 
Baumeister Solness15th May 1976Kurtheater BadenSwitzerland 
Baumeister Solness6th February 2003BurgdorfSwitzerland 
Baumeister Solneß24th April 1907PfauentheaterSwitzerland 
Baumeister Solness8th January 2003Stadttheater SolothurnSwitzerland